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Get noticed online and off.

A roadside billboard is no longer the way to get your business and your brand noticed. The digital world has gifted marketers with a wider audience than they could have ever imagined. But this also means marketers need to find better ways to pitch their products, target their audiences, and make their message memorable.

“We are really trying to stay ahead with the technology that is available in the market today so we wanted to have a stronger web presence.”

-Meredith Souder, Practice Manager at Exeter Orthodontics

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Leave a Lasting Impression

From social media engagement and SEO optimization to analytics tracking and AdWords strategy, the team of marketing experts at KDG will show you how to separate fad from fidelity in order to control your message, respond to customer feedback, engage online visitors, top the search engines, and develop a sustainable and authentic online presence.

KDG has worked alongside healthcare organizations, leading retailers, and educational institutions to build and implement strategies that meet goals for both messaging and revenue.

What We Offer

Social Media Management

An active social media profile not only benefits your online presence but showcases a business that’s willing to interface with customers. KDG will play an active role in advising on digital personas for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. We’ll also work with you to develop a strategy for creating and sharing content that garners feedback and user engagement where it matters most.

Review Strategy & Monitoring

Take advantage of positive social proof and put an end to negative press before it causes damage. We’ll help your business develop a strategy for monitoring and responding to customer reviews on Google, Yelp, and beyond.

Press Management

Feeding the press does more than spread news. It keeps your search visibility high, builds backlinks to your site, and strengthens brand awareness. We work with nearly all major press outlets to make sure that your news is being shared both online and off.

Search Monitoring & Optimization

Search can give you an idea of how well your website is performing compared to your competitors. How easy is it for users to find? Is it providing key information? Is it user-friendly? While users are spending a lot more time on social media, having an effective search presence validates your brand and your position in the marketplace.

PPC Campaign Development

Paid marketing can be a necessary evil in any marketing playbook. While costly, it can dramatically impact how visible your brand is to your audience. Using advanced ad tracking and analytics, KDG can help to balance ROI with ad spend and develop marketing pipelines that are congruent with our sales processes.

Analytics Management

Running and maintaining a high volume website means keeping a close eye on the numbers. Conversion rates are great, but by the time they are impacted, it may be too late to make meaningful changes. Only with diligent management will the numbers consistently break in your favor.

Advising & Strategy Building

The world of digital marketing is so wide, you sometimes need a partner to show you where to start. We’ll work with you to analyze your business, your marketing needs, your audience demographics, and your ideal strategy for building awareness, enhancing search opportunities, and improving conversions.

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“I enjoyed every second of working with KDG.”

-Tamara Klas, Chief School Director Executive Education Academy Charter School

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