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Custom Software


Building custom software is a lot like building a custom home. You need the right contractor who understands your master plan and can turn your dream into a reality. At KDG, we accomplish exactly that because we know the 4 keys to custom software success:

Plan Twice, Code Once Icon

Plan Twice, Code Once

We apply meticulous planning before a single line of code is written to ensure we get it right the first time.

User Experience Is A Must Icon

User Experience is a Must

We focus on delivering great user experiences so you spend less time training and troubleshooting.

Bird's Eye View Icon

Bird's Eye View

We don’t build things just to tear them apart. We look at the whole picture so we don’t work ourselves into a corner.

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Persuasive Technology

We build software that supports employee accountability, consistency, quality, and even forecasting.

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Developing Custom Software Your Users Love

Custom software development can be as frustrating as custom building a home. Both have their share of horror stories. However, the truth is that in almost all horror stories, planning is skipped, inspection never considered, and accountability is done by the seat of the vendor’s pants. We do it differently. With any software, our goal is very simple: keep you in charge of direction, delivery, and budget.

When it comes to technologies, languages, and frameworks, we have a wide bench with experience across the board. From .NET to PHP and Python, there are few areas where we do not have a specialty. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help power your business, operations, and workflow with custom software development.

What Gates Security Said

“If we’re not one step ahead, how can we do our job effectively? That’s what led us to The Kyle David Group.”
Kurt Park
Operations Director

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