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We know both business and technology and we work to help businesses discover the best ways technology can help them manage their clients, build their brand, and improve their bottom line.



Entrepreneurship isn’t about generating new or better results; it’s about creating a new and better machine to produce them. At KDG, that’s our sweet spot. Let’s see what we can create together.

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A Fresh Perspective

Our skill in developing solutions to “build a better mousetrap” comes from the fact that we are not in your organization and have never been.

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Expert Risk Assessment

Entrepreneurship is all about risk, and we have the business and technology experience to know when to take it and when to hedge it.

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Total Business Evaluation

We look at your organization as if we were going to acquire it tomorrow with a complete valuation and assessment of what’s working and what’s not.

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Putting our money where our mouth is is one of our values. If we believe in the project, we’ll invest in it and help make it a successful venture.

Making Tech More Entrepreneur-Friendly

Technology can be a powerful tool that helps entrepreneurs and business owners improve efficiency and save money. However, when not leveraged appropriately, it can actually stifle your operations and business growth. At KDG, we show you how to use cloud services, enterprise solutions, mobile devices, software as a service (SaaS), an optimized website and more to make your business more competitive and more profitable.

What Josh Early Candies Said

“We’re happy to be aligned with a company that has shown patience in knowing us, our business, and ultimately the ability to advise us accordingly.”
Barry Dobil, Jr.

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