We work closely with nonprofits around the nation and around the world, helping them spread their mission, accomplish their goals, and raise awareness, all without breaking their budget.

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Keys to Donor Engagement Success

KDG works with nonprofit organizations of all sizes to create technology experiences that not only make donors want to give, but also reduce the burden on the nonprofit to manage donations. Here’s how we do it:

donor management

Make it Easy to Give

Everyone is asking for money these days. However, few consider how easily someone can give and manage their donations.

Recognize EVERY Donor icon

Recognize EVERY Donor

Cheesy letters in the mail aren’t going to cut it in this technology driven world.

Be Specific About Impact icon

Be Specific About Impact

General and sporadic communication about how donations make a nonprofit stronger are a snore. You need to tell donors how their money made a difference.

Communicate Regularly icon

Communicate Regularly

Not every communication needs to be an ask and not every ask needs to be a formal communication. However, communication needs to be consistent.

We Do Nonprofit Crowdfunding Differently

Online fundraising software is tricky, particularly when it comes to successfully executing a nonprofit crowdfunding campaign. Our time-tested platform for supporting nonprofit “day of giving” campaigns is not simply a piece of software, it’s an entire process.

nonprofit fundraising software

Truly Custom Campaigns

We don’t use the same template over and over. Nonprofit donors are sure to see a one-of-a-kind experience with interactive widgets and gameification.

No Fundraising Fees icon

No Fundraising Fees

You own what we build and can use it over and over for different events or campaigns. Best of all, no fundraising fees ever!

High Volume Ready icon

High Volume Ready

We can handle nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns of virtually any scale from hundreds of donors per day to hundreds per minute, we have the real-world experience to manage the traffic.

Mobile Ready icon

Mobile Ready

All nonprofit fundraising software is designed with mobile in mind in order to make sure that no donor is left with a bad experience.


We have helped countless nonprofits nationwide get ahold of their technology and make it work for them. In many cases, we have actually helped nonprofits reduce expenses and leverage previous investments.

Network & System Maintenance icon

Network & System Maintenance

From stationary servers to cloud configurations, we can help your nonprofit perform at its very best.

Device Management icon

Device Management

Tablets, computers, and smartphones are all integral parts of every nonprofit. Let us show you how to manage them securely and economically.

Help Desk Support icon

Help Desk Support

Nonprofits always fall victim to the “volunteer conundrum.” Volunteers are free, but who do you call when something goes wrong and you can not work? We can work independently or alongside volunteers to get you back up and running quickly.

No Finger Pointing icon

No Finger Pointing

As an organization that can handle technology solutions all the way down to the configuration of a router, there is no finger pointing here.


Too often nonprofits settle for websites that fall below the standards set for their for-profit counterparts. The reality is that those lower standards speak volumes about their nonprofit to potential supporters, volunteers, advocates, and donors. We help nonprofits set a higher standard.

Mission Focused icon

Mission Focused

Your website is sure to be one of the first points of interaction with your nonprofit. Shouldn’t it further your mission and tell your story?

nonprofit crowdfunding

Giving Minded

Development is such a large part of running a nonprofit, we seek to design websites for nonprofits that make it easy to give to the cause.

nonprofit web design

Mobile Responsive

Nonprofits are always behind when it comes to technology, but people are not. We’ll make sure that your nonprofit website is developed to conform to the latest mobile technology.

Engagement Ready icon

Engagement Ready

Telling your story is only one piece of the puzzle. Getting people to join in the story is the other. We’ll show you how to drive people to act.

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