We work closely with nonprofits around the nation and around the world, helping them spread their mission, accomplish their goals, and raise awareness, all without breaking their budget.

Donor Engagement


KDG works with nonprofit organizations of all sizes to create technology experiences that not only make donors want to give, but also reduce the burden on the organization to manage donations. Here’s how we do it:

Easy to Give icon

Make it Easy to Give

Everyone is asking for money these days. However, few consider how easily someone can give and manage their donations.

Recognize EVERY Donor icon

Recognize EVERY Donor

Cheesy letters in the mail aren’t going to cut it in this technology driven world.

Be Specific About Impact icon

Be Specific About Impact

General and sporadic communication about how donations make an organization stronger are a snore. You need to tell donors how their money made a difference.

Communicate Regularly icon

Communicate Regularly

Not every communication needs to be an ask and not every ask needs to be a formal communication. However, communication needs to be consistent.

Automating Donor Engagement

The frustrating truth is that sometimes nonprofits lose sight of their mission because they have to focus on grant writing and fundraising just to preserve their very existence. It doesn’t have to be this way. An effective donor engagement technology plan keeps you connected to donors all year so you have a steady stream of donor revenue coming through the door. From automatic e-mail communications to interactive portals, let us show you how we can automate more tasks so you can focus on the part that matters most: your mission.

What Lutheran World Relief Said

“It brings donors closer to the people they’re helping. We couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out.”
Katie Somerfeld
Director of Research & Development

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