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More Americans than ever have their eyes glued to their phones.

From a changing marketplace to changing expectations, it’s no wonder that only 1% of apps see some sign of success. This is why your business needs more than a technical developer. You need a team that knows well-developed code is only the start when it comes to a project that can make or break your business.

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KDG specializes in business applications developed in native languages for iOS and Android devices, as well as those developed in React Native. While every application need is different, having the experienced team of mobile application developers all in the United States is what has continued to allow us to overcome development challenges that other organizations have left for dead. With expert quality assurance and top-of-the-line application management, how many KDG mobile applications have been abandoned in the past five years? Zero.

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Americans spend three hours per day on their phone—checking emails, paying bills, ordering dinner. They’re using their GPS, reading an article between meetings, or chatting with a co-worker on social media. Suffice to say that most mobile phone users have the expertise to judge apps the way Gordon Ramsey judges food. However, just because you can judge it well does not mean you can create it. With detailed mobile interface planning, design, and development, KDG focuses on the harmony of usability and functionality to give your app an edge over the 9,999 apps that will fail out of 10,000.


Mobile applications are built to be used on an ever-changing set of devices and in contexts that are always different. This presents significant challenges in planning, quality assurance, and cost escalations that are largely out of the developer’s exclusive control. If Apple launches a new iPhone, guess who has to make sure your app works on the phone you didn’t know was going to be released? More so than many development teams, KDG’s focus on developing clean, maintainable, and well-tested code has been the key to making sure that your mobile app development objectives are flexible with a keen eye on cost control.


At the core of any mobile app development initiative is a social contract: teamwork. If developers are fighting designers who are fighting project managers and quarreling with clients, how can you expect results? There are countless examples of public failures in development initiatives by really smart and capable people. All of these failures depreciate the virtue of teamwork and make development a solely intellectual exercise. On the other hand, KDG has enjoyed success on projects because we focus on working together well as a team first. When a team functions well together, there are few obstacles that cannot be overcome.

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KDG is named the top custom software developer in the Philadelphia area.

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“The ability to eliminate various softwares and spreadsheets has allowed us to better manage, communicate, and increase productivity company wide.”

-Toni Guerrero, President & CEO G Technology

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