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IT support shouldn’t just keep your technology running. It should keep your organization growing. Software updates, system security, and network upgrades increase efficiency, improve security, and keep your company connected.

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Taking Tech to the Next Level

KDG is more than just technical support. We are a technology partner that has the skills, the tools, and the commitment to take your technology to the next level for every aspect of your business. Not every business has the team or the time to ensure their technology is up to date. That’s why we can help take technology off your plate with network maintenance, onsite and remote support, and more.

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Award-Winning Partner Support

When you partner with KDG’s technology & cybersecurity management team, you partner with more than just a local Lehigh Valley IT support service. You partner with a nationally recognized provider of data security, hardware management, and network maintenance. You also get the benefit of working alongside a trusted Google Cloud Partner and Microsoft Support & Migration Specialist, ensuring that you have access to the industry’s best support system.

One of the things we look to do is neutralize and make it very difficult for people to make very human mistakes that lead to very costly problems down the line.”

-Kyle David, CEO

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What We Offer

Network Maintenance

Having issues with slow internet and connectivity can negatively impact your productivity. Not only can we help manage your network, but we can also optimize it for efficiency, security, and good policy. Want to reduce Netflix at the office, or prioritize bandwidth to your VoIP phones? KDG can both enforce policy as well as troubleshoot issues as they occur, ensuring your team has a network that supports your business instead of slowing it down.

Data Migration

As a Microsoft Support & Migration Specialist, we can develop a seamless and successful SQL data migration solution that helps you grow your business through advanced data intelligence, enhanced automation, and modern data warehousing through Azure and Microsoft SQL.

VPN Installation

If you have multiple offices or remote teams that all need to be kept on the same page, ensure secure collaboration with a VPN. A virtual private network lets your employees send and receive data securely across your network, encrypting it from third-parties. We’ll find the right VPN for you, install it, and support it.

Software Updates

Keeping your software up to date is a surefire way to protect your business against data breaches and security vulnerabilities. However, if you are using dozens of software programs, staying on top of their updates can become a full-time job. Let us help you keep your software up to date and running smoothly, protecting your technology from poor performance and harmful damage.

Help Desk Services

Even if you’re miles away, help is near. Our award-winning help desk services team can offer support over the phone or through remote login for general desktop support or even application support. Our client-specific ticketing system lets you submit concerns or questions directly to our team and receive resource-level appropriate responses, usually within 15 minutes or less.

System Security & Audits

We minimize security breaches, cyber attacks, and data theft by using the latest malware and antivirus protection, as well as the best cybersecurity practices. We’re an authorized Webroot partner, giving your business access to the latest in cyber protection. We also will regularly audit your onsite technology, providing you with detailed reports of its strengths and weaknesses.

HR Tech Support

Did you know that employee error is the leading cause behind some of the web’s biggest security breaches? Our team can help you onboard and offboard employees when it comes to their tech, from setting up their computers when they start to resetting their passwords and wiping their data when they leave. We also have dedicated experts ready to train your team on proper security measures.

Hardware Services

We can upgrade laptops, desktops, and other devices so you’re never without the tools that get you through the day. We also sell products and hardware from many of the leading manufacturers in the tech industry. You’re guaranteed the best products, the top support, and streamlined procurement.

Benefits of a Lehigh Valley Computer Consultant

If you partner with our local Allentown computer consultants at KDG, you get much more than a team that can simply fix your computers.

Technology & Cybersecurity Management Pricing

KDG provides regular and ongoing technology management and cybersecurity audits of software, infrastructure, and the internal controls behind it all. Typical engagements are retained on a monthly basis with the exception of disaster recovery and “total immersion” restoration projects that are immediate and episodic. Below you will find a representative distribution of KDG technology and cybersecurity management engagements by their annual budget.

Client Testimonials

Broughal & DeVito Logo

Jill Weiss, Office Manager, Broughal & DeVito

“Things seem to be running smoother since KDG took over and cleaned up all the little things that were happening to slow down our workflow. It is great to know that they are on top of our virus protection and updates.”

christ lutheran church logo

Reverend William “Woody” Maxon, Senior Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church

“For our afterschool programs, most of the kids are at the poverty level and do not have regular access to computers or the internet…KDG has been an important partner as we have upgraded our computers and WiFi systems.”

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Awards & Recognition

We’re a local team with national reach! Our Lehigh Valley IT support team has been named the best by the American Business Awards and has been recognized as the go-to team for help desk services, software updates, and hardware services.

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Your business relies on technology every day: to attract new customers, to boost revenue, and to improve operations. If you fail to master the technology your business relies on, you may find yourself closing up shop for good. Our free guide is here to help you make the most strategic decisions when it comes to buying, installing, and expanding your technology.