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User interface and experience design is not about making things look pretty. It is about creating a product or application that makes the correct user behaviors simple and the functionality empowering. At KDG, we focus on empathy-based UI & UX design to confront the challenges facing your organization and your users.

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The Power of Good UX Design

Bad UI & UX design has terrible consequences. From abandoned products to burdensome training requirements, partial compliance, and garden variety misuse, bad design can be the disease that infects otherwise spectacular technology.

On the other hand, good design can help users on a website get the answers they are looking for and help you get the leads you need. It can help a workforce adopt a new process with little training. And it can help your organization make sure data is consistent at the time of entry so that you realize excellent decision support from your data.

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“We needed a group that specialized in web design… [and] teaching us and taking us to the next level.”

-Robert Lysek, CEO of EEACS

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What We Offer

Website Redesign & Migration Services

Virtually anyone can design a website, but very few can actually get the results from it that they were seeking when they set out. Intense planning, competitive analysis, user behavior testing, and market research are some of the tools in our arsenal to make sure that we are focused on outcomes throughout a redesign process. We commonly use tools like HubSpot, LiveWhale, WordPress, FMG Suite, and BigCommerce to help activate the features of a great design.

Mobile Design

Mobile devices can be difficult to design for because of the varying nature of their use. Will your mobile app or website need to be used outside, on a job site, with limited bandwidth, with lay technology users? Working directly with your user base, we can help establish test scenarios to ensure that the design will drive the desired results before the product is developed or shipped.

WordPress Design

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems in the world, and for good reason. It’s accessible, user-friendly, and optimized for search. Thousands of templates and plugins make the possibilities for customization endless. However, just because you have a template-derived website does not mean that you need to sacrifice proper design planning or integration. We design, develop, manage, and maintain WordPress installations from enterprise-grade sites to more humble implementations.

Content Design

Content can make or break your website. We provide planning, support, and implementation for textual and visual content. Our content planning staff will help tell your story through strategically written content, active content, infographics, story books, video, and audio—all to make sure that we are keeping your users’ attention long enough to convey a memorable message.

User Experience Consulting

Building a website is about more than building out a design. It’s about creating an experience that differentiates you from your competition. From creating personas of your ideal audience and conducting an analysis of your competitors to planning out a sitemap and drafting wireframes, our user experience consulting ensures your site has a solid foundation and direction before any code is even developed.

Compliance Consulting

From ADA to SEO to GDPR, the web, its policies, and its regulations are always changing. To keep up, you need a partner who can help you navigate the twists and turns of the world wide web. We’ll advise and consult you on best practices for ultimate usability.

We’re More Than “Web Designers”

UX design is not the same as web design. Anyone can build a website, but very few teams have the ability to build an experience that makes an impact off the web page.

UI/UX Design Pricing

User interface and experience design is usually performed as a subproject of a custom software or mobile app engagement. Whether a subproject or a discrete project in and of itself, UI/UX Design engagements are broken down into phases for research, planning, and design/development. Below you will find a representative distribution of KDG UI/UX engagements by their budget.

Client Testimonials

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Meredith Souder, Practice Manager, Exeter Orthodontics

“Working with KDG was exciting and rewarding. Their progressive approach to provide exposure for our business is second to none.”

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Mike Bruckner, Former VP External Affairs & Community Relations, Muhlenberg College

“Tell them what you need and what you want, but allow KDG some room for creativity. These people enjoy challenges, rather than just doing the basic. They can make things exciting when someone is simply looking to get the job done.”

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Awards & Recognition

Our UI/UX design team has designed award-winning sites and applications for Division I schools, international manufacturers, and major nonprofits. They’ve been praised for their user research, their attention to detail, and their commitment to breaking boundaries.

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