Drip Campaign Integration

Build a stronger, more engaging relationship with contacts through targeted communications. Our certified Zoho developers can help you create, schedule, and send email drip campaigns directly through Zoho.

Drip Campaign IconSend the right emails at the right time

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Has someone subscribed to your newsletter? Have they registered for an event? Is a holiday right around the corner? We can help you automate specific email campaigns for any occasion.

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Do you have a way to analyze just how effective your campaigns are? Use Zoho to track every single open and click your emails receive, measuring their engagement and effectiveness.

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We can help you send more appealing emails through segmentation. With Zoho’s drip campaigns, target and differentiate varying groups of contacts based on their engagement and interests.

Discover a Few of the Ways Zoho Can Help Your Business

With Zoho’s drip campaigns, know when a contact is interested in moving forward with your company and which contacts may need a little push.

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  • Development of dispositions
  • Writing of seven follow up emails
  • Custom made automation guide
  • 100% US Based Staff
  • Complete setup, signup, and testing
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