Twilio SMS & Robocalls Integration

From bulk text messaging to automated robocalls, bridge the gap between your business and your contacts by integrating your Twilio SMS and Robocall program with Zoho. Whether your contact is an hour away or an ocean away, stay connected.

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Now, you’ll have data in the palm of your hand. Send both personalized and bulk text messages to Zoho contacts or set up pre-recorded calls and push their data directly to Zoho CRM.

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Use existing Zoho CRM functionality to automate telephone and text messaging for appointment reminders, client updates, and event confirmations. Allow your customers to respond through their preferred means of communication.

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Receive and send alerts immediately. Send text blasts to your contacts and text alerts to your team. You can even record all communications for improved future correspondence.

Discover a Few of the Ways Zoho Can Help Your Business

Whether through text messages or pre-recorded calls, contact leads directly from Zoho CRM.

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  • Integration with Twilio and a dedicated SMS number
  • Creation of custom actions inside of Zoho CRM/Creator to send messages to each contact record and record owner
  • Implementation of one text message automation
  • 100% US Based Staff
  • Complete setup, signup, and testing
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