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Is your growing company struggling to keep track of its expanding workload? Our Zoho Projects developers specialize in creating solutions that keep everyone on the same page, no matter how complex the project.

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Collaborate effectively with employees, clients, vendors, and consultants through forums.

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Track billable and non-billable project hours with built-in timesheets and invoices.

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Share project documents and work together with clients and the rest of your team.

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Create milestones, tasks, and task lists to more easily plan your projects.

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Zoho Projects will help you manage every project that comes your way, no matter the complexity. KDG’s Zoho Projects developers can build a customized platform that helps you stay on track. Our developers even use Zoho Projects for their own project management and know the best practices to take when it comes to efficiently and effectively leading a project. With our help, you can create, plan, and collaborate using Zoho Projects.

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  • Zoho is the perfect management solution for any growing business. It has all of the tools you need to keep your company one step ahead. Run smoother projects, communicate more efficiently, and build lasting customer relationships using the power of an application developed and customized by KDG’s certified Zoho developers.
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