Watch Our Latest Webinars 

Here you’ll find an extensive lineup of interactive sessions designed to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of business technology. From customer service strategies that foster loyalty and boost satisfaction to cutting-edge marketing techniques that drive growth, KDG’s team of experts has you covered. These brief webinars provide practical advice, real-life case studies, and actionable tips to help you excel. 

An Exclusive Look at Accounting Services from KDG 

Learn about Accounting Services from KDG in this exclusive webinar. Meet the team, discover how accounting services can benefit your organization, and learn a bit about the businesses we work with. 

An Exclusive Look at Accounting_
Cracking the Code on Crowdfunding 

Discover how to increase alumni engagement, make a big impact with small donations, and create an annual tradition your campus community will come back to again and again.  

Cracking the Code on Crowdfunding_
A Drinker’s Guide to Business Models 

Adapted from his very popular undergraduate class, CEO Kyle David takes us out for a night on the town to learn about business models and why understanding them is so vital to unlocking organizational health. Using research from the Harvard Business School, you will get an inside look as to why a misunderstanding of business models has doomed startups and established companies alike. 

A Drinker’s Guide to Business Models
Digital Customer Experience 101 

People do not consume or affiliate with brands, they consume and affiliate with experiences. From the most devout sports fans to the most loyal fashionistas, CEO Kyle David will dispel the myth that your brand matters and show you that the only thing that matters for your organization is the experiences that you provide. 

Digital Customer Experience 101_
An Honest Overview of Digital Marketing 

​​​​​​In this webinar, Kyle David, CEO, and Keri Lindenmuth, Marketing Manager, will separate fact from fiction and, more precisely, tell you how the business of digital marketing agencies is run. In 30 minutes, you will not only know how to do a better job with your own digital marketing, you will be quick to spot disingenuous marketing gimmicks.

An Honest Overview of Digital Marketing_
Adapting to a Post-Pandemic Economy

We all know what it feels like to live through and survive a pandemic. But does your organization have a plan for how you will operate once this is “all over?” One thing is for certain, we are never going back to the way things were. ​​​​​In this webinar, CEO Kyle David will talk about how to plan for the future when the future is not certain and provide a checklist to make sure you’re prepared for a post-corona world. 

Adapting to a Post-Pandemic Economy
Getting to Five-Star Feedback

Feedback from customers is not only important for social proof and marketing validation, it is an incredibly important opportunity for continual improvement. Using research, case studies, and our own feedback experience, we’ll break down what feedback really is, how you can ask for feedback, and what you should be doing with that feedback once you get it…both good and bad.

Getting to Five-Star Feedback
Low Code: The Future of Application Development
(A Zoho Creator 6 Demo) 

Join us as we explore how Zoho’s low-code platform empowers businesses to develop digital solutions faster and leapfrog their competitors. 

The Future of Application Development
Discover Zoho Bigin: A Demo by KDG 

Zoho CRM has already made a name for itself in the CRM industry as a leading cloud-based solution. Now, the company is unveiling a new program, Zoho Bigin, geared specifically toward small businesses like yours.  
​​​​​​​Join KDG’s AVP of Zoho Development, Mike Dranginis, as he walks through Bigin and its benefits in this exclusive demo. 

Discover Zoho Bigin