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Enterprise resource planning software can help take your organization to the next level. Find efficiency, security, and flexibility you never thought possible.

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Enterprise Resource Planning from KDG

What processes does your organization rely on to succeed? What if all of your procedures—inventory, manufacturing, accounting, sales, and more—could be encompassed in one flexible application built specifically for your business? What if you had an application that wasn’t contained in a box, but guaranteed to grow in sync with you? When you develop enterprise resource planning software with KDG, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Benefits of an ERP

Accomplishing your day-to-day goals while simultaneously planning for the future is made easy with an ERP. Discover the benefits a custom enterprise resource planning solution from KDG can provide.

“That little competitive advantage that you can get with a piece of custom software will take your organization to the next level.”

-Kyle David, CEO

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Custom Software Development is Right for You If…

  • You want more than an off-the-shelf application. Custom software offers flexibility not found in any off-the-shelf application.

  • You want to consolidate many different applications. Make your systems talk to each other, improve efficiency, and share data across your organization.

  • You want to eliminate third-party dependencies. Discover the power that comes with an application that you own completely. The features you want will never be out of reach with KDG.

Custom CRM for Smart City

When a one-size-fits-all solution wasn’t getting the job done, this busy real estate team turned to KDG for a software that would manage leads and keep agents on the same page.

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What Processes Can Your ERP Improve?

No matter your industry, you have processes that can benefit from the efficiency an ERP would bring to your organization. From inventory to accounting, discover the many uses of an ERP.

Screenshot of Smart City custom application

Why Choose KDG?

Our custom software development team can create an ERP application for your business’s every need. Let us do the work so you can get back to business.

  • 100% US-based development

  • Named Philadelphia’s top developer

  • Guaranteed 24-hour response time

  • Dedicated team and weekly updates

  • 99% customer satisfaction

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“The entire experience of working with KDG and the team was flawless in developing our new software platform.”

Dwight P. Ryan, President & CEO, MedTech for Solutions

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