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At a Glance

Before 2008, there was no tool on the market that enabled organizations to have transparency in developing a strategic plan while also managing and measuring the execution of the plan. AchieveIt was born out of that need.

What AchieveIT Said

“The Kyle David Group provided us with a core competency in cloud-based technology development without having to develop it ourselves.”
Scott Regan

Our Solution

KDG spearheaded a massive development effort to not only take AcheiveIt’s initial application to the next level, but also to develop four other critical applications that would make it even more enticing to healthcare organizations.

A Challenging Start

“The Kyle David Group is as much a fabric of our company as our inside sales team.”
Scott Regan

Prior to working with KDG, AchieveIt launched as a very complex piece of web-based software that allowed any organization, primarily healthcare organizations, to develop a strategic plan and measure the progress and effectiveness of the plan. During founder Scott Regan’s first attempts to build the product, he did what many other new software entrepreneurs do―he went to an overseas development firm.

“While I was lured by the low cost of working with an overseas firm, in hindsight, it was a more expensive proposition,” Regan said. “The language and cultural barriers were significant, which significantly extended the time it took to launch our first application. What was a three-month project took a year, and the overseas firm was never quite able to translate my vision into reality. We had a nice application, but it wasn’t a great application, and it took four times longer than planned to bring it to market. The opportunity cost was significant.”

Three New Enhancements

In addition to helping making AchieveIt better for users, KDG developed three additional applications that made it more robust.

  • ExecuteIt- The core application, ExecuteIt, guides companies through a proven Execution Flywheel that has generated breakthrough results. It contains a full suite of tools that shortens the planning cycle, enables strategic decision-making, and drives accountability and execution.
  • AnalyzeIt- This revolutionary decision support application combines robust data mapping capabilities with point-and-click data analytics. It filters data, plots results at an address level, and conducts analysis– on demand and within minutes. Using this unique combination of data mapping and data analytics, companies can focus their strategy and zero in on a results-driven plan of action that can be executed immediately.
  • ImproveIt- Elevating quality and improving performance to achieve faster and better results is the singular focus of ImproveIt. It creates organizational transparency by managing quality and performance improvement in the cloud, where project deliverables, performance, and outcomes can be easily tracked.

“We really believe we have the best technology, an excellent user interface, and the ability to push technology innovation to achieve better results for our clients and ourselves,” says Regan. “The Kyle David Group provided us with a core competency in cloud-based technology development without having to develop it ourselves.”

By May 2011, the products were live and quickly adopted by organizations like Baylor Health Care System, the University of Florida, Erlanger Health System, Methodist Le Bonheur Health System, and many others. The positive responses were continual affirmation that the products were hot.

Financial Support

Like many small companies, funding became an issue. Through The Kyle David Group’s unique partnership with Kyle David Capital, L.P., a partially owned venture fund, AchieveIt was able to invest in the project alongside an investment from Buckhead Investment Partners. Newly established funding allowed for business growth and continual technology development.

Amazing Growth

AchieveIt’s rapid growth garnered the attention of many industries outside of healthcare. Recognizing this demand, in Spring 2012, AchieveIt entered new vertical markets, starting with higher education and then aggressively targeting commercial businesses both small and large. With continued development from The Kyle David Group, in June 2012, AchieveIt unveiled the next generation of applications that were scalable for companies of all sizes and industries. Within weeks, AchieveIt had clients in finance, higher education, government, professional services, and nonprofit organizations. In addition, the firm’s execution management technology has now been adopted by more than 100 healthcare organizations and eight state hospital associations across 30 states.

Milestone After Milestone

The Kyle David Group continues to play a vital role in developing these enterprise-level SaaS applications. Major development milestones have included:

  • Complete redevelopment of ExecuteIt to span across all industries and multi-hospital healthcare organizations using cloud-based virtualization on demand.
  • Data migrations among the firm’s 150+ clients into new versions of the software.
  • GIS software AnalyzeIt utilizing the Google Maps API and Telerik reporting controls.
  • Real-time data input and geocoding API to facilitate the importation of data inside of AnalyzeIt.
  • Ground-up development and planning of the cloud-based quality management software ImproveIt.

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