Christ Lutheran Church

Christ Lutheran Church has served residents of Allentown for over a century. With an outreach center, 19 congregation leaders, and an emphasis on the arts, culture, and education, the church has positively impacted city residents of all ages.

At a Glance

Christ Lutheran Church takes great pride in playing such an active role in the City of Allentown. However, the church needed to bring its technology up to date at both its Hamilton Street location and its nearby outreach center so that it could continue to offer its services to the city’s residents. The church turned to KDG’s tech management experts for a complete hardware, software, and wireless overhaul.

A Strong Signal Icon

A Strong Signal

Eight wireless access points in the three story church make it possible for pages to load rapidly and for videos to stream seamlessly regardless of where users are in the decades-old concrete and stone building.

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Upgraded Devices

Old computers were replaced by a dozen new laptops and desktops. Brand-new devices were even installed in the community computer labs of both the church and its outreach center.

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Safe Web Browsing

Security enhancements were installed to block inappropriate web content, ensuring a safe browsing experience for church leaders, church members, and students in the church’s after-school programs.

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Improved Communications

A 15-year-old phone key system was replaced by a new VoIP telecom system so that congregation leaders, volunteers, and others working in the church could better keep in touch with each other.

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Lightning-Fast Internet

Congregation leaders, church members, volunteers, and community members can now experience faster web speeds thanks to the church’s partnership with a new internet provider.

Ongoing Support Icon

Ongoing Support

The IT support team at KDG provides regular help desk support to the church’s employees and their many devices. Monthly maintenance is also conducted to ensure that the new technology continues to run smoothly.

What Christ Lutheran Church Said

“KDG has been an important partner as we have upgraded our computers and WiFi systems…[and they] are always available with assistance and options.”
Reverend William “Woody” Maxon
Senior Pastor

Our Solution

KDG’s tech management team performed a technical analysis of both the church and its outreach center and identified a series of network, hardware, and service issues. Over the course of two months, the team updated devices, added a new NAS server, upgraded the wireless network, installed a VoIP system, and even migrated church employees to Microsoft Office 365.

Serving the Community Both Online and Off

“Many seniors registered for Social Security on our computers…[and] access their email accounts. For our afterschool programs, most of the kids are at the poverty level and do not have regular access to computers or the internet. Our regular after-school programs and Summer Program incorporate computer software and internet access.”
Reverend William “Woody” Maxon
Senior Pastor

Christ Lutheran Church is a staple of the community for many Allentown residents. In addition to being a place of worship, it also has a nearby community outreach center. It’s a gathering place for students after a day at school and a meeting place for the city’s elderly. Higher levels of poverty in the area make it difficult for families to have their own computers, so residents depend on the church to access their emails, sign up for important programs like Social Security, and enroll in educational courses.

As a result, having technology that keeps leaders, volunteers, and community members all connected is very important. However, the church’s large, stone structure made it hard for its single wireless radio to reach every corner of the building. This, paired with old devices and outdated servers, made for a poor user experience.

To help, the IT team at KDG conducted an entire analysis of the church’s devices, servers, network, and wireless system. After the extensive audit, the tech team took about two months to upgrade the devices, install new systems, and connect new networks to ensure that the church has the technology it needs to continue to provide its important services to the community.

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing KDG was installing a wireless network that would be accessible no matter where users were located in the three-story church. A single wireless network simply was not strong enough. KDG switched the church over to a new internet provider, upgraded its WiFi, and installed eight wireless access points throughout the building. As a result, coverage improved immensely. In fact, a user could play a video on his or her mobile device in the basement and walk the entirety of the church without the video’s stream being interrupted.

With a series of new technology upgrades for the church, everyone in the community is able to benefit. As Christ Church’s senior pastor Reverend William “Woody” Maxon explains, the church was able to increase its youth outreach by becoming more “tech orientated.” A new computer lab was installed and it features access to websites that meet the curriculum of local schools. Even adults in the area have access to online education tools in the new lab.

Meanwhile, the area’s senior citizens can use the church’s computers to access their emails and even register for their Social Security. The church’s staff has also benefited from the technology upgrades thanks to new software programs that make their daily tasks easier and more efficient.

With the complete overhaul of its technology systems, Christ Lutheran Church can continue to offer its services to the community both online and off. As Reverend Maxon says, the church is now a “one-stop shop for spiritual and computer needs” in the City of Allentown.

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