The College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals

CUPRAP has brought together communications professionals in higher education since 1980. With 350 members from about 100 institutions, experts in public relations, media relations, marketing, publications, sports information, and web and graphic design all make up the CUPRAP team.

At a Glance

CUPRAP prides itself on its ability to bring together communications professionals from a variety of backgrounds in higher education. With so many members spread throughout the mid-Atlantic region, its growth is driven by online interaction. In order for the organization to continue to enhance its professional development efforts and bring together these very diverse experts, it turned to KDG to redesign its website.

Integrating New Technologies Icon

Integrating New Technologies

By using MembershipWorks, all of the data CUPRAP once managed manually is now easily available to gather, analyze, and use digitally.

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Optimizing for Mobile

The new site can now be viewed by mobile users, who never before had access to the CUPRAP site from their phone or tablet.

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Listening to Users

All of the site’s new features were suggested by CUPRAP members themselves through polls and surveys.

What CUPRAP Said

“[KDG was] creative, thoughtful, and patient with our needs as a specialized professional organization with a diverse multi-state membership.”
Anders R. Back
President, CUPRAP

Our Solution

KDG didn’t only redesign the website and make it easier for mobile users to enjoy it. They also implemented MembershipWorks, a data managing software, into the new site. This helped make the work CUPRAP leaders do so much easier by organizing all data into one convenient digital platform. This meant no more filling out membership forms and no more sending out reminder emails about membership payments. Instead, busy CUPRAP volunteers now had more time to do the work that really mattered: bringing together its 350 volunteers to advance the understanding of higher education and professional development.

A Repeat Client

“The CUPRAP Board of Directors authorized the Kyle David Group to redesign our website architecture to allow richer and more varied content, to enhance member information and improve navigability, and make the site emblematic of our role as the mid-Atlantic region’s leader in professional development for educational communicators.”
Anders R. Back
President, CUPRAP

This is the second time that the organization has worked with the team at KDG. The first project the two groups tackled together was in 2008. Eight years later, CUPRAP turned back to KDG for help on this entirely new project.

The mid-Atlantic region has the largest concentration of colleges and universities in the nation and CUPRAP strives to bring together these very diverse communications professionals. As a result, in order to ensure that the group of communicators got everything out of the new site that they wanted, polls and surveys were distributed to the members of the organization. They were asked what they wanted more of in the new site and they responded with plenty of great ideas, helpful suggestions, and useful opinions. Taking their advice into consideration, the team of developers and designers at KDG implemented convenient new features into the site, such as updated news, upcoming events, and lists of community sponsors.

Since the last time KDG worked with CUPRAP, technology has come a long way. The incorporation of MembershipWorks into the redesigned site demonstrates this. For many years, all data about the organization’s rapidly growing membership was handled manually. This led to an abundance of information (names, events, dates, payment options, etc.) and no way to efficiently organize it. KDG introduced CUPRAP to MembershipWorks, a software that provides features and tools to fit CUPRAP’s every specific need. It categorizes and sorts members into different lists, processes payments, and controls event registrations.

KDG worked hard to ensure that CUPRAP was pleased with the project so that the repeat client would be just as thrilled with its second experience working with us as they were the first time.

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