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The #1 priority at this private, four-year university is to provide students with a quality, broad-based liberal arts education while also honoring the philosophy of Christian humanism as developed by Saint Francis de Sales and his spiritual heirs.

At a Glance

DeSales has a rich history of giving the community and its students a high-quality experience. When it came to their website, unfortunately, the experience fell short. The university brought in KDG to help address problems with the site's searchability and user experience. In celebration of their 50th anniversary, DeSales partnered once again with KDG to revamp their entire website with a fresh look that matched their new logo.

Tight Budget, No Problem Icon

Tight Budget, No Problem

Large project was broken into logical pieces and completed over time providing the maximum bang for the buck.

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Awesome Analytics

Custom dashboards, goals, and filters make for a true intelligence tool for DeSales.

Google It Icon

Google It

The number one feature on any website is now powered by Google, giving a site benefit as well as a great SEO benefit.

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Sitefinitiy and Beyond

The Sitefinity CMS powers the whole site with custom users for content management.

Mobile Ready Icon

Mobile Ready

Responsive framework works great on a desktop or smartphone.

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Shiny and New

The DeSales site has been reskinned twice already at a nominal cost to reflect different campus initiatives.

Our Solution

KDG seized the opportunity to outfit DeSales University’s website with modern features that cater to today’s tech-savvy students and alumni.

Redesign Highlights

Along with giving the homepage a facelift to match the new 50th anniversary logo, KDG upgraded key website functions to drive more engagement from site visitors:

  • Made the entire website responsive for tablet and smartphone users.
  • Redesigned key web pages to highlight calls to action like “Apply Now” for prospective students and “Make a Gift” for alumni and patrons.
  • Seamlessly incorporated elements from the existing website to retain brand consistency while also respecting design decisions made by the previous web developer.
  • Massaged over 200 pre-existing pages into the new styles and layouts within the Sitefinity content management system using proper integration methods to ensure future malleability.
  • Created custom widgets to display fun facts, news articles, and events on the homepage.

Past Projects

Beginning in 2012, The Kyle David Group engaged with DSU to combat a serious problem within the University’s website: the search wasn’t coming up with very helpful results. Within a very short timeframe, The Kyle David Group was able to establish a partnership with Google on behalf of the University and implement Google Site Search right within the University’s Telerik SiteFinity CMS. This integrated search allowed the University’s website to provide “first search result” precision and an overall better user experience. However, that was just the start of the relationship.

What Desales Said

“We love working with the Kyle David Group because working with them is almost effortless.”
Director of Web Communications

To the races!

"I can rest easily knowing my project is in good hands and will come in on target."
Director of Web Communications

DSU is unique in that they place a very high emphasis on the quality of their web presence as well as the experience. In order to measure user experiences on the site, DSU needed help implementing robust analytics. Working together with The Kyle David Group, DSU performed a department-by-department implementation of Google Analytics to quickly understand the efficacy of not only web advertising, but also billboard and print ads.

Using custom segments, goals, and conversions, DSU was able to better analyze the flow of traffic to each of the different parts of the University’s website, and receive real-time feedback on areas that could be improved. The Kyle David Group helped DSU achieve this higher degree of web analysis by creating a customized dashboard that displayed all traffic, trends, and user information in real time. One giant insight the customized dashboard revealed to DSU was the level of frustration that mobile users were experiencing.

In 2014, The Kyle David Group developed a responsive framework that interacted seamlessly with the University’s Telerik Sitefinity CMS to allow mobile as well as tablet users to better browse the website with ease. In addition, The Kyle David Group integrated third-party creative content and feedback to make sure that DSU’s aesthetic goals were consistent across all advertising mediums, achieving an effective site redesign and responsiveness while maintaining a minimal budget. “We love working with The Kyle David Group because working with them is almost effortless. Tech and online projects are notoriously difficult to manage with a ton of moving pieces and unexpected issues,” said Kristin Greenberg, Director of Web communications at DeSales.

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