Electrical Power Solutions

Electrical Power Solutions (EPS) is an electrical engineering consulting firm that provides services to clients with high-voltage, electrical power systems.

At a Glance

To make safety calculations in the field, EPS engaged KDG to develop a tool that was both practical to use but also accurate in its calculations and guidance.

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Mobile Ready

One code base, many different devices. The app was ready to deploy on both Android and iOS platforms from day one without having to maintain two applications.

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Math Nerds Rejoice

App uses advanced math calculations that are not always mobile friendly.

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We're #1!

Most frequently downloaded calculator for arc flashes in Google Play.

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Light Weight

No crowding your storage space here. The whole app is less than 1 megabyte.

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Lightning Fast

The whole app was delivered in less than two weeks.

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Lead Machine

The more downloads, the more leads for EPS.

What Electrical Power Solutions Said

“The work was performed at a quality level that exceeded my expectations.”
Jason Esler

Our Solution

KDG created a mobile app that allowed EPS to make safe, accurate calculations on site.

Making the Field Safer for Engineers

“We love working with The Kyle David Group because their experienced professionals are very responsive.”
Jason Esler

An arc flash is a very dangerous phenomenon that happens when high voltage equipment is too close together or when there is accidental contact with the equipment. Arc flashes are deadly ―generating a temperature that is hotter than the surface of the sun.

Easier Said Than Done

Taking complex algorithms and putting them into a simple mobile app was easier said than done. All of the equations sent by EPS had to be reengineered to work properly on a smartphone, and accommodations needed to be made to ensure that nearly all Android devices were compatible. Despite these challenges, KDG successfully developed the app and released it―receiving five-star ratings from users.

However, it wasn’t the initial release of the app that made it such a success. KDG regularly monitored the performance of the application, as well as the feedback that was sent by the niche of users that valued its functionality.

That kind of agile work methodology helped to make the Arc Flash Risk Calculator one of the most popular in its class within Google Play. More downloads means more traffic to the EPS website, and more traffic means more business. Now that’s the KDG difference!

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