Gates Security

When locals and celebrities in Los Angeles think about home and event security, they think Gates Security.

At a Glance

In 2008, Gates Security was looking to update their systems and needed a technology partner to help.

Locked Tight Icon

Locked Tight

Multiple levels of access security combined with encryption make for a system as secure as it is reliable.

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Mobile Reliability

Quick access from tablets in squad cars was a must and the application delivers.

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Day or Night

Wandering eyes can never see much due to an innovative UI that changes tones with the daylight (or moonlight).

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Mobile Ready

Works seamlessly on an iPad or a desktop for ultimate mobility.

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Seamless Integration

Built to be integrated with all business operations through data exchanges.

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Squeaky Clean

Database was cleaned upon development to make sure that no bad data was entered to start.

What Gates Security Said

“If we’re not one step ahead, how can we do our job effectively? That’s what led us to The Kyle David Group.”
Kurt Park
Operations Director

Our Solution

To start, KDG redeveloped Gates Security’s client administration by building a web application with cloud-based mobile capabilities.

A Secure Partnership

“It’s hard to believe that they are on the other side of the country. They are always on the other end of the phone, regardless of the time of day or time zone.”
Kurt Park
Operations Director

The results of KDG’s initial client administration project were so spectacular, that almost immediately after launch, we assisted them once again by moving the whole company infrastructure into the cloud―long before these things were the norm. As a result, Gates Security’s four offices and 12 mobile squad cars are all seamlessly co-managed.

“That’s been one of the greatest things about working with The Kyle David Group,” said Kurt Park, Operation Director. “We were about to spend an absurd amount of money on technology that was quickly becoming outdated. When these folks took charge, we not only saved a lot of money, but we were using the cloud effectively before anyone knew what it was. Gates Security is always ahead of the curve in part because The Kyle David Group ensures that.”

Throughout the years, Gates Security continues to engage KDG on a regular basis for help desk services as well as web strategy. Some of the projects have included:

  • Secure client administration portal services with mobile capabilities.
  • Complete integration of email/calendaring systems across all offices, squad cars, patrol officers, and devices.
  • Legacy conversion of billing systems to more current systems with customer record normalization.
  • Removal of all hardware servers and four-office integration into the cloud.
  • In 2012, Gates collaborated with KDG to take on a whole new web identity and site development.

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