The Hillside School

Outstanding faculty and progressive ideas are what keep this Pennsylvania private school on the cutting edge of educating children with learning disabilities.

At a Glance

Hillside reached out to KDG to help develop a technology plan that would efficiently manage all the school’s devices and ensure they were consistently staying on top of the latest offerings in assistive technology.

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It’s Elementary

Child-proof technology plan designed for elementary-aged students

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Teaching with Technology

300+ digital devices for student learning

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Cloud Coverage

Faculty and staff able to work at home with secure cloud integration

What The Hillside School Said

“The Kyle David Group has played a vital role in ensuring that our faculty, staff, and students have all of the technology they need at their fingertips.”
Dr. Sue Straeter
Head of School

Our Solution

KDG implemented a technology plan that put Hillside on track to reduce their IT spending significantly while also maintaining their leadership in state-of-the-art classroom technology.

A Plan for Everything

“With support from The Kyle David Group individualization through technology at The Hillside School is an achievable challenge.”
Dr. Sue Straeter
Head of School

KDG, in collaboration with Hillside faculty and staff, developed and implemented a technology plan that:

  • Consolidated the number of servers to be managed and developed a two-year plan to consolidate further to a single server for the entire facility.
  • Created a comprehensive hardware inventory so that Hillside always has an accurate picture of the technology available as well as a refresh calendar.
  • Developed and deployed a mobile strategy within the building that encompasses student laptops, iPads, and iPod Touch devices.
  • Allowed all Staff and Faculty the portability to work with school computers from their homes through a cloud integration.
  • Provided a combination of help desk support off site, remote maintenance and management, and on-site support that ensures that all of the technology investments are working properly.
  • As with any technology rollout that is new to an organization, there were plenty of times where things didn’t go as planned.

“We were extremely pleased with the responsiveness, thoroughness, and expertise that The Kyle David Group brought to the school. We know that technology changes constantly, so there will continue to be bumps along the way. With support from The Kyle David Group, individualization through technology at The Hillside School is an achievable challenge,” said the Head of School, Dr. Sue Straeter.

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