Josh Early Candies

Since the early 1900s, Josh Early Candies has evolved from a wholesale confectionary business into a tourist destination for chocolate lovers around the world.

At a Glance

In late 2005, Josh Early Candies was looking to take their brick-and-mortar business to the masses with a user-friendly ecommerce website that could accommodate their intricate custom ordering process.

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Safe & Sound

Encryption, firewalls, and SSL security keeps customer data safe.

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Happy Shoppers

Consistently reviewed as one of the most intuitive shopping interfaces.

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Lightning Speed

Pages process quickly and efficiently giving a great shopping experience.

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Just For You

Custom boxes of chocolate and custom nonpariels are all a reality through a novel UI.

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Built to Last

Tremendous value and longevity for a site developed in 2008.

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Order Up

From phone orders to custom orders, one system handles it all.

What Josh Early Candies Said

“We’re happy to be aligned with a company that has shown patience in knowing us, our business, and ultimately the ability to advise us accordingly.”
Barry Dobil, Jr.

Our Solution

KDG collaborated with Josh Early Candies to redesign their entire website into an interactive, e-commerce experience they were proud to call their own.

A Sweet Solution

“We didn’t just want to put our products online for people to purchase, we wanted to get them as close to an in-store experience as possible.”
Barry Dobil, Jr.

KDG outfitted Josh Early Candies’ website with several innovative new features including:

  • Two complete redesign projects in three-year intervals to facilitate the shopping experience and integrate more personalized items.
  • The development of a “Pick Your Own Box of Chocolates” portion of the website where Josh Early Candies aficionados can create a box of their favorite chocolates.
  • Complete customer management and phone ordering system to facilitate the logistical operations between customer orders through different channels.
  • Comprehensive web marketing programs including integration with social media campaigns, search engine marketing, and cross promotion with offline marketing initiatives.

“We are extremely protective of the Josh Early Candies brand. For us, it was a leap of faith entrusting The Kyle David Group with our presence on the web. We’re happy to be aligned with a company that has shown patience in knowing us, our business, and ultimately the ability to advise us accordingly,” said Dobil.

In 2012, KDG assisted Josh Early Candies in a number of major web initiatives including:

  • The development of a cutting-edge “Custom Nonpareil” ordering system where users can not only order the decorative confection designed exclusively by them, but also customize packaging and messaging.
  • Custom email campaigns to reinforce the brand and promotions.

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