LogFirst helps business people solve the frustrating problem of keeping a meticulous log of business mileage for accurate tax reporting.

At a Glance

Realizing that the methodology for developing both compliant and accurate mileage reports was antiquated and largely inaccurate, LogFirst founder Jeff Mason sought the help of KDG to create something new.

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The app was ready to deploy on both Android and iOS platforms from day one without having to maintain two applications.

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Ready for Action

Built for a distributed load, the application is capable of handling hundreds of millions of transactions and rise to load demands.

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Internet of Things

KDG helped procure a GPS dongle and wrote software to power it in order to be used in a vehicle.

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Roads Most Travelled

KDG wrote the algorithm to recognize frequent trips and automatically categorize them.

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Simple UI

The simple and intuitive UI allows users to get up to speed quickly, pun intended.

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Stay In the Loop

Emailable reports allow for expense management in minutes.

What LogFirst Said

“There were no solutions on the market that met the need. A lot of partial solutions. There were apps that tracked mileage, but they were nothing more than a repository for information entered manually.”
Jeff Mason
Femur Software CEO

Our Solution

KDG developed a multi-platform system that allows business travelers to track mileage using a passive mobile phone app or a proprietary GPS dongle that is permanently left in the car.

A Whole New Way to Track Miles

“If I want to know the best way to do something, I just look at how KDG is doing it, and I quickly know the answer.”
Jeff Mason
Femur Software CEO

KDG developed a proprietary and patent-pending trip detection algorithm that recognizes trips, trip patterns, as well as frequently omitted routes in order to allow the software to “learn” the users’ behavior. The firm also helped LogFirst to design, develop, and source GPS devices from Asian manufacturers to reduce cost.

Two Parts. One Smart Solution

The app tracks mileage and reports it directly to the software. The GPS dongle does the same thing, but is plugged into a car’s lighter or USB port.

The Complex Launch

Successfully launching LogFirst involved several moving parts. Working with LogFirst, KDG simultaneously launched a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, rolled out GPS dongle device drivers for both Mac and Windows platforms, and launched a web-based app with an accompanying marketing website that incorporated marketing automation so that new prospects are always engaged without the need for actual hands-on attention from LogFirst. Not only did each of these components launch at the same time. They launched without incident.

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