Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges

Since 1969, LVAIC, one of the oldest higher educational alliances in the country, has been dedicated to promoting cooperation and collaboration between the students, faculty, and staff of the Lehigh Valley’s six prestigious private colleges and universities.

At a Glance

To better convey their unique message and mission, LVAIC needed a new website that would make collaboration and communication even easier for those who studied and worked at the member colleges. They reached out to KDG for their development and design needs.

Event Registration Icon

Event Registration

Offers a quick and easy way to register for LVAIC events, seminars, and conferences.

Integrating Technologies Icon

Integrating Technologies

The integration of LVAIC’s cross-registration portal into the new site effortlessly allows students to enroll in classes at partner schools.

Audience Focus Icon

Audience Focus

Pages designed for students, faculty, and staff cater to the needs of each specific group.

Our Solution

KDG redeveloped LVAIC’s old desktop design and optimized it for mobile so that collaboration not only became much easier, but also much more efficient for everyone involved in the LVAIC community.

What LVAIC Said

“Our brand is all about connecting people. Our website allows our members to do that even more easily now. Our visitor rates have gone up, our bounce rates have gone down, and our audience finds the modern design and user-friendly interface to be a much more positive experience overall. This platform allows our collaborators to communicate, and that is helping us achieve our mission.”
Dana Yurgosky
Marketing and Communications Manager

Redeveloping the Idea of Collaboration for the 21st Century

“We really needed a partner who understood our mission, our needs, and our brand. KDG spent a good deal of time ‘getting to know’ us on the front end, which streamlined the rest of the process.”
Dana Yurgosky
Marketing and Communications Manager

Completing the project in record time, KDG was able to redevelop and redesign LVAIC’s outdated website, while still keeping in mind the organization’s nearly 50-year-old mission. From the new website’s home page, whether a user is a student, faculty, or staff member, they have the ability to access the wide list of conferences and symposia LVAIC offers, connect with peers who share similar educational disciplines, and join all of LVAIC’s upcoming events.

The team at KDG was even able to integrate LVAIC’s existing cross-registration portal into the new site design. The ability for students to cross campus borders and take classes at any one of the distinguished member schools is one of the most unique elements of the LVAIC alliance. This seamless integration of the existing technology into the redeveloped site enables students to continue to cross-register for classes at partner schools easily and effortlessly.

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