Lutheran World Relief

With a 60-year history of serving communities living in poverty overseas, Lutheran World Relief (LWR) has a strong reputation of being an effective, well-run, and efficient faith-based charity.

At a Glance

To appeal to the millennial crowd, who are largely un-churched and more concerned about how their donations are being used, LWR had an idea to create a brand new, innovative way to give.

Bespoke Icons Icon

Bespoke Icons

A custom icon set was created to support badges, avatar levels, and the flowchart.

Generous Donors Icon

Generous Donors

80,000 people have benefitted from KindSight donors!

Global Reach Icon

Global Reach

KindSight impacts three regions around the globe.

Pick and Choose Icon

Pick and Choose

Revolutionary flowchart allows you to choose exactly where your money goes.

Give Your Way Icon

Give Your Way

2 ways to make an impact: give your time or give your money

Time Warp Icon

Double Dip

Once MyKindSight launched, KDG used user feedback to create a second, more user-friendly iteration.

Project Showcase

KindSight is a project with many facets. From creating this unique giving platform to creating the brand around it, KDG provided full services to LWR to ensure KindSight a sustainable future. Check out the key features that made this project special.

Getting Social

By empowering users to give their "time" offline and post it online, KindSight capitalizes on experiences and social media.
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Registry Giving

KindSight allows users to give to specific needs inside of a specific project. No more checks to the general fund.
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Showcase Screenshot

Automated Marketing

Regular and automatic weekly emails greet inboxes to update users on project progress.
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Recurring Giving

Users can elect to donate once or on a recurring basis.
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Users can "level up" through a system of points and badges, creating an experience that is not only rewarding, but social.
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Mobile Friendly

KindSight's mobile experience is second to none, allowing for a true "app" experience without the app download.
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We had to build KindSight from the ground up, which involved helping to brand every inch of the new product.
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Getting Social Screenshot
Registry Giving Screenshot
Automated Marketing Screenshot
Recurring Giving Screenshot
Gamification Screenshot
Mobile Friendly Screenshot
Branding Screenshot

Our Solution

To implement their idea, LWR sought the help of The Kyle David Group through a recommendation from another client. The firm started working with LWR six months before developing anything to refine and simplify the charity’s idea.

In comes kdg

Conducting focus groups, workshops, and development idea sessions alongside LWR went a long way in helping to align the organization’s desired outcomes with the work that needed to be done. These sessions helped to plan success metrics, financial models, as well as a development timeline and budget.

What Lutheran World Relief Said

“It brings donors closer to the people they’re helping. We couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out.”
Katie Somerfeld
Director of Research & Development

To the races!

“KDG established a formal work structure that allowed us to provide feedback as the conceptual development process was progressing. We truly felt we were able to critically think together about the design and intent of the project before we actually developed it.”
Kattie Somerfeld
Director of Research & Development

After months of collaboration between KDG and LWR and an entire year’s worth of development, KindSight ( was introduced to the world. KindSight is an interactive donor registry that makes it easy for donors to donate their time and money to people in need throughout the world.

KindSight successfully launched in late October without a hitch, garnering more than $1,000 in donations on its first day. “We knew that we were getting great advice and development from The Kyle David Group. What we didn’t realize we were getting was a partner that was not only dedicated to delivering a project on-time and on-budget, but also one that was really focused on making our project better and willing to go above and beyond to do so,” says Rogers.

“KindSight is a new way to help end poverty around the world,” says Rogers. “It brings donors closer to the people they’re helping. We couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out.”

Making Great Even Better

One year after the initial launch of KindSight, LWR collaborated once again with KDG to create an optimal experience for mobile users who view the site on their smartphones and tablets. Making KindSight fully mobile responsive was no small feat. KDG had to rethink and redevelop several key elements of the website including:

  • Custom Mobile Experience – To enhance the experience on smartphones, the site’s project flowchart was adjusted to become an item shopping list to make item-based giving easy.
  • Social Sharing & Tracking – KDG integrated social sharing into the website replacing the need for a third party social media platform. The new functionality allowed users to generate user-specific referral links that they could share with their social networks and receive badges and recognition when someone clicked on their link or signed up through their link. Separate URLs for Facebook, Twitter and email sharing now allow for more detailed tracking and analytics.
  • Automatic User Notifications – Users can now elect to receive digest email notifications when friends click on their referral email and sign up. Additionally, KindSight can now automatically send a monthly referral report to users displaying the number of referrals they have made as well as the names of new users and the number of clicks on their links.
  • Unlocked Items Box – This new feature allows mobile users to stay current on the funding status of the projects they care about the most with a real-time update of unlocked and incompletely funded items.
  • Team Pages – KDG added team pages allowing users to donate directly to a team or join a team by creating a sub-event to support the team.
  • Friend-Z – This unique sharing feature creates a mini campaign where users that donate can invite their friends to join them in making a donation. The friend-z goal is five donations, and the user has two weeks to reach that goal.

Above & Beyond

Along with a complex website comes a large brand that needed a new logo, color palette, typefaces and iconography. KDG worked along side Lutheran World Relief's team to create a brand that would be versatile and impactful.

Type Treatment

KindSight uses sans serif typography to create an inviting and friendly interface. Larger text sizes and bold colors help with readability and clarity.

LWR Typography

Color Options

Having a different color for each region builds brand architecture and defines each project location. This color framework helps to create muscle memory for users as they engage with the site more and more.

LWR Colors

Iconography & Graphics

KindSight required a significant amount of asset creation to support the project collections, avatar levels, and badges that users can earn as they continue to interact with the platform.

LWR Badges
LWR Icons
LWR Avatars

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