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Specializing in the Assisted Reproductive Technology industry, MedTech For Solutions (“MedTech”) works closely with healthcare infertility providers. From group purchasing to practice development to staff recruitment to laboratory solutions, MedTech’s goal is to help these practices expand their business to their fullest potential.

At a Glance

MedTech For Solutions works with healthcare providers and laboratories around the nation and world. The company is focused specifically on the infertility industry and helps providers meet both their needs and the needs of their patients. When the company wanted new software for patient and data records, they asked KDG to develop a security-tight management software called OvaProducts.

Doing the Two-Step Icon

Doing the Two-Step

Two-step verification is needed by all users to access any of the patients’ reports, laboratory records, and inventory lists that the software holds.

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A Tough Code to Crack

Data at rest and in transit remains encrypted at all times and accessible from anywhere by those who have the proper credentials.

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HIPAA Compliant

The new software meets all HIPAA standards for keeping sensitive patient info secure from data breaches and security hacks.

What MedTech for Solutions Said

“The team...took a very complicated project that they knew nothing about, took full ownership of it, and developed a very user friendly system for our staff and clients to use.”
Dwight P. Ryan
President and CEO of MedTech For Solutions

Our Solution

Developers at KDG met with MedTech and listened to the company’s software and security requirements. In only a few months, the development and user interface teams at KDG were able to build OvaProducts; software that meets both the technical requirements as well as the usability requirements of the infertility industry. OvaProducts is able to easily, efficiently, and safely assist MedTech’s clients in managing the operations of an infertility lab in real time.

Helping MedTech Help Others

“The entire experience of working with KDG and the team was flawless in developing our new software platform.”
Dwight P. Ryan
President and CEO of MedTech For Solutions

MedTech seeks to help medical practices provide better treatments and services to patients. In addition to its laboratory solutions, the company also provides group purchasing, practice development and staffing recruitment solutions to healthcare practices around the world.

However, as the company continues to grow and help other practices both nationally and internationally, it needed a means of keeping its expanding laboratory software at the cutting edge of technology.

After meeting with MedTech representatives and hearing their own ideas and opinions, the experts at KDG decided that the best way to keep data safe would be to customize and create an application specifically for the infertility industry, using MedTech’s industry-leading expertise. Using the the Google Compute Engine, KDG helped to develop an application that was not only easy to use, but scalable, secure, and lightning fast. With the potential to crunch tens of millions of datapoints on the fly, speed means a lot to OvaProducts.

OvaProducts fits all of MedTech’s needs. With the ability to add multiple users, tasks can be shared easily. New patients can be added and former patients found. IVF Patient Cycles can be tracked and quickly exported to Excel and CSV spreadsheets, and the reagents being prepared can be logged and updated.

With everything in one convenient and secure location, KDG leveraged MedTech’s vast experience to develop a laboratory management software that makes it easier to provide solutions that will improve patient laboratory outcomes.

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