Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

Since 1982, PCA&D has been helping students of all ages pursue art for both passion and profit.

At a Glance

With an outdated website that didn’t quite capture their unique campus culture, PCA&D needed a design makeover that more accurately reflected the school’s burgeoning programs and enrollment.

Redeveloped Sitemap Icon

Redeveloped Sitemap

By rethinking the site's taxonomy, we were able to significantly reduce the size of the site making it easier to update and maintain, not to mention more effective for the end user to navigate intuitively.

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By asking what audience you represent, the entire site's experience is custom tailored to your individual content needs.

Mobile First Icon

Mobile First

Due to the fact that a large portion of users would be using their mobile devices, the site was designed to have a mobile experience every bit as powerful as the desktop version.

Superior Forms Icon

Superior Forms

Ranked #2 in a national competition, the forms for giving and admissions were best in class with responsive elements, great touch screen responsiveness, and intuitive design.

PayPal Integration Icon

PayPal Integration

Deep integration with PayPal to support online transactions that are both easy for the user and easy for the College to receive.

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Google Analytics

Integration with Google Analytics as well as follow up analysis of the numbers and trends with the College made sure that the website redesign project always measured for success.

Our Solution

KDG’s solution was to create a responsive website that segmented audiences more appropriately and presented individualized and tailored messages to each.

Building a Better Website

KDG incorporated elegant, intuitive, and responsive forms for the school’s admissions process using “smart forms.” The firm also modified the site’s WordPress backbone to meet the traffic demands of the school. The site was also integrated with all the school’s existing systems both online and off.

To help PCA&D maintain the website, KDG provided a robust set of editing rules to allow PCA&D staff to safely update and edit the website without the perpetual fear of “breaking something.” The firm also provided coaching to help PCA&D understand how to better use the information given to them through analytics.

What Pennsylvania College of Art & Design Said

“Our site is everything we hoped it would be and more. The Kyle David Group understood our needs, our stakeholders and really helped us to think through every detail so that we can best serve the needs of our audiences.”
Barbara Elliott
Director of Enrollment Planning


An Interview with Barbara Elliott, Director of Enrollment Planning

“A good partner makes all the difference. KDG is more than a firm that designs websites. They truly are a high-tech consulting firm.”
Barbara Elliott
Director of Enrollment Planning

Tell us about your project and why you feel it is innovative, fresh, or market building?

Our greatest presence to the world is our website and we knew to really be successful, our website needed to reflect the institutional vision and deliver the institutional message.

Our strategic plan–with its purposefully articulated vision and core values, supported by the research-informed identification of key stakeholders and audience-appropriate messaging– presented an outstanding opportunity to craft a website that would be a powerful and authentic representation of PCA&D.

Why did you decide to work with The Kyle David Group?

As a small college, we knew we needed to make a big impact. We also knew that we had to achieve our goal within our resources. Reaching out to colleagues and conducting our own investigation we identified a cohort of firms and issued an RFP. It was clear from the initial response that KDG was a firm that had actually read the RFP and developed a response, point by point, addressing each item in our RFP. They were sensitive to time line, the unique positioning of a college of art and design, and budget.

When invited to campus to present, Kyle David cited examples of work done, talked at length about strategy, technology, process, project management and offered insightful recommendations for us to consider. When we spoke to KDG higher education clients, it was clear that this was a firm who would understand our needs, stakeholders and be a collaborative partner.

What was one unique aspect of your project that you feel that The Kyle David Group executed exceptionally well?

Hard to name just one, but if I have to I would say accessibility. The KDG team was there, no matter when needed, and Kyle himself was never more than an email or phone call away.

What business decisions did you make to determine when to launch? How did your launch process go?

Our launch went very well. And post-launch support was great.

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