Roy Wood Jr.

The thought-provoking comedy of Roy Wood Jr. has entertained millions nationwide by stage, radio and television.

At a Glance

With his website serving as a vital medium to engage with his fans, Roy reached out to KDG to build a more robust web platform that could handle all the traffic.

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Inbox Champion

Generated massive email lists by having users register to download free content.

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Smart integration of search engine optimization helped to drive Roy to the top!

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Best Friends Forever

Roy Wood Jr. has been a client for over a decade.

What Roy Wood Jr. Said

“What makes The Kyle David Group unique is their ability to break down the client’s vision and expectations for a project and not only enhance it, but create and suggest other avenues to achieve said goals.”
Roy Wood, Jr.
Actor & Comedian

Our Solution

KDG developed a solution to manage the enormous bandwidth required to serve all of the media on Roy’s site.

The Start of Something Good

“I love working with The Kyle David Group because I know nothing about computers… They do.”
Roy Wood, Jr.
Actor & Comedian

Back in 2004, Roy reached out to KDG to build a web platform to help promote his comedy performances and generate a fan base, starting small. While Roy’s initial website makes our eyes bleed today, it was state-of-the-art a decade ago. Slowly, as Roy’s unique brand of comedy generated more and more fan interest , the website exploded with traffic. At its height, the website required three servers just to keep up with the bandwidth and the requests. KDG implemented a solution to easily manage all the traffic coming to the extensive library of podcasts, blogs and mp3 downloads of his prank calls.

Time to Redesign

Again in 2014, Roy reached out to KDG for what would be the fourth website redesign over his 10-year partnership with the firm. After determining that an update to the existing WordPress website was needed, KDG made the following cost-effective modifications:

  • Reducing content. Removing old content from the site would allow easier navigation and better visibility of more important information. More importantly, it made it easier to maintain.
  • Integrating a custom newsletter signup strategy to continue building on Roy Wood Jr’s blossoming opt-in listing. Viewers are enticed to provide their email address when shown a “teaser” amount of his media. Only after the address is entered is access granted to the full listing of prank calls.
  • Integrating AJAX blog post loading, similar to how Facebook and Twitter display new posts and tweets, which enables the user to view new web content without navigating to a new page.
  • The resulting website provides a positive experience for his visitors, and allows for easy modification and enhancement over time.

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