Smart City Apartment Locating

Smart City Apartment Locating connects both newcomers and lifelong residents alike with the most amazing apartments in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. The team of agents helps find and share deals on more than 140,000 properties in the three bustling Texas cities.

At a Glance

The agents at Smart City Apartment Locating help find great deals on great properties, from comfy townhomes to luxurious high-rises. However, the team wanted a CRM that could easily adapt to its specific needs. After extensive research, a combination of Zoho CRM and Zoho Books seemed to be the perfect solution.

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Soaring Follow-Up Rates

Zoho CRM keeps all agents on the same page and moves leads swiftly through every stage of the leasing process, which has led to increasing follow-up rates.

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Single-Click Solutions

Invoices can be saved to Zoho CRM with a single click, a custom solution developed by KDG. With new listings added daily, agents appreciate any chance they have to save time!

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Ending Errors

The ability to automate a variety of invoicing tasks in Zoho Books has practically eliminated human error and has taken the company’s accuracy to new heights.

What Smart City Apartment Locating Said

“The customization of Zoho is really what made it work for us, truly. Our CEO searched for weeks upon weeks for a CRM solution and we kept coming back to Zoho because of how we could adapt the system.”
Camille Dawson
Chief Operating Officer

Our Solution

Smart City Apartment Locating is always expanding its property lists. Zoho CRM and Zoho Books provide the perfect amount of adaptability to keep up. Zoho’s flexibility allowed KDG’s team of certified Zoho developers to create custom solutions that automate tasks, which help the company’s roughly 15 Zoho users save time and increase efficiency.

A Solution That’s Simple and Strong

“KDG is brilliant at taking the super technical and translating that to the client’s needs and vice versa...We have had an absolutely amazing experience with the KDG team—they’re keepers.”
Camille Dawson
Chief Operating Officer

CEO Cassie Brown searched tirelessly for the ideal CRM and decided that Zoho CRM, with its ability to fit any business’s unique needs through customization, would be the perfect fit.

The team at KDG, one of the only 100% USA-based teams of certified Zoho developers, was glad to help the business develop its new CRM and integrate it with the invoicing platform Zoho Books.

“[KDG was] super quick to respond, very knowledgeable about the project patient with questions,” says Camille Dawson, Chief Operating Officer at Smart City Apartment Locating.

After turning to Zoho, the results were noticeable immediately. The CRM has helped follow-up rates increase significantly by keeping agents on the same page and assigning leads to different stages of the process. An integration with SMS Magic sends lead alerts via text straight to agents. Meanwhile, automating tasks and hosting custom-built features with Zoho Books enables agents to close more deals, improve accuracy, and increase productivity.

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