Tait Roofing

Founded in 1972, this generational family roofing business has grown substantially from a one man show to an organization that employs over 100 people and provides everything from roofing to complete home building.

At a Glance

Taking care of Tait’s network and information system was just the tip of the iceberg for KDG.

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Just Right

A custom product to match the custom processes that have made Tait #1.

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Mobile Ready

No matter where, Tait workers in the field can update the database from any device.

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No Monthly Fees

Unlimited users and no monthly fees for software as custom as their craftmanship.

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Highly Scaleable

If business grows, so does the software's ability to handle the demand.

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Business Intelligence

From time to respond to sales cycle management, it's all in once place.

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Simple UI

An intuitive interface makes onboarding new employees a breeze.

What Tait Roofing Said

“We were referred by another KDG client and within 2 weeks, they had the entire situation under control.”
Spencer Tait
Vice President

Our Solution

KDG took the time to understand all of the nuances of Tait’s exceptional customer service procedures, management requirements, and HR functions in order to develop a winning system.

Building a Better System

“I really appreciated that the end product was not only delivered on time and on budget, but also that there weren’t any surprises. It was exactly what we were looking for.”
Spencer Tait
Vice President

As with any growing company, Tait’s client base was becoming a lot to manage. Particularly due to the fact that most of the management was done with pen and paper.

“We were really in a bind. We had another company come in and totally redo our network and information system. In short, there were a lot of promises that were never kept and nothing but excuses when things didn’t work,” said Tait Roofing Vice President, Spencer Tait.

KDG got to work implementing a wide range of solutions to improve customer service and employee efficiency including:

  • Client Management – Tait’s clients often moved, had multiple properties, or had specific concerns or needs. Tait had always been extremely conscientious to client needs, so any new system needed to make sure that same conscientiousness continued as the company grew in head count.
  • Record Management – The paper files were getting overwhelming, but Tait was known for meticulous records. Locals knew to call Tait before buying a home, because they knew that if Tait had ever done work to the home in the past 40 years, they would gladly provide a record of it. A new system would need to be able to provide the same level of record keeping, with much easier recall than diving through the archives.
  • Task Accountability – With a staff the size of Tait’s, achieving the level of consistent quality that is expected from Tait is a considerable task. The new system would have to allow for the tracking of projects and the accountability of personnel.

“The Kyle David Group took the time through many meetings and visits to understand our business before proposing any solutions. I really appreciated that the end product was not only delivered on time and on budget, but also that there weren’t any surprises,” reflects Tait. “It was exactly what we were looking for.”

The output was a responsive web-app from KDG that allows administrative staff to enter client information, track properties, as well as work requests. For carpenters and roofers, the system allows for easy tablet access to the day’s job requests as well as the ability to report on their completion, complete with pictures. For management, daily reports were provided to visually see that all processes were moving ahead as planned and client requests were being satisfied with consistent quality. The system, built on the Yii Framework, has almost unlimited flexibility for future adaptations and expandability.

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