Yuno is a social shopping destination that turns user’s recommendations into real cash.

At a Glance

Yuno needed an experienced technology partner to develop a new app offering shoppers benefits, perks and deep discounts for promoting, reviewing and sharing their purchases with the public.

Mobile Ready Icon

Mobile Ready

The app was ready to deploy on both Android and iOS platforms from day one without having to maintain two applications.

Powerful API Icon

Powerful API

Built on a distributable architecture, the API is capable of managing and maintaining millions of transactions.

Locked Tight Icon

Locked Tight

Using encryption, financial transactions are kept safe throughout the whole transactional process.

Escrow System Icon

Escrow System

A reconcilable escrow system was developed in order to faciliate the transfer of funds, take fees, and reconcile the books so everyone had available balances in real time, all of the time.

Pay Your Way Icon

Pay Your Way

Payment from all major credit cards and payment and disbursement direct from a bank account made financial management a breeze.

Retina Ready Icon

Retina Ready

High resolution designs integrated to take advantage of the latest retina displays.

What YUNO Said

“We were really pleased with our initial launch into the marketplace.”
Andre Walters
Founder/ CEO

Our Solution

KDG worked with Yuno for 18 months before we ever started developing the app to provide valuable business consulting and startup advisory services.

Collaborating for Success

“We gained insights on various tools and approaches to managing development projects that will certainly be useful as we move forward.”
Andre Walters
Founder/ CEO

During the pre-development stage of the project, KDG’s CEO Kyle David was so impressed with Yuno founders Andre Walters and Myron Tay that he encouraged Kyle David Capital, LP, a venture fund with investments in eight other tech companies nationwide, to make a significant startup investment in Yuno. The investment earned Kyle David a seat on Yuno’s board and provided a boost of resources that helped the young company jump out of the gate with a robust iOS app that allows merchants, brands, and consumers to interact in real time.

Designing a More Rewarding Way to Shop

Designed with success in mind, the meticulously developed Yuno app has a distributed hosting environment. This allows the application’s capacity to increase exponentially as app usage requires. The app is also integrated with credit card processing, ACH transactions, and full reporting on financial flows. Escrow accounting through allows Yuno to take a select percentage of a transaction before forwarding on the proceeds to the merchant. With all of these transactions, a strong accounting engine was paramount. Every penny had to be accounted for and reconciled in real time.

“[The whole Kyle David team] kept the various participants in the project really organized and focused on achieving the grand objective. Observing The Kyle David Group’s management of the project was beneficial to our group. We gained insights on various tools and approaches to managing development projects that will certainly be useful as we move forward,” remarks Walters.

The Launch

Walters and Tay set their sights on an aggressive schedule for the launch of Yuno, which required a commitment to perfection. “We focused our launch timeline around the 2014 holiday season and getting the product in the marketplace in time to be relevant during that season,” says Walters. “We also wanted to do appropriate testing in the 4th quarter of 2014 to put ourselves in a solid position to succeed in 2015.”

The successful launch went off with a big bang and a launch party.

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