Elevate Your Event Management with Zoho Backstage 2.0

Posted on May 9, 2024

By Scott Klein

June 17, 2024

Following several years of shutdowns and virtual conferences, in-person events are making a remarkable comeback, and Zoho Backstage 2.0 is helping businesses make event hosting and networking easier than ever. With enhanced UI, expanded exhibition management capabilities, and innovative tools like automation, AI-powered networking, and gamification, businesses can look forward to a smoother registration experience, more effective communications, and enhanced lead generation capabilities.

Enhanced Event Management & Effortless Ticketing

The revamped user interface of Zoho Backstage 2.0 simplifies navigation and interaction, making it easier for event organizers to manage their tasks. An interactive floor planner and exhibitor brand pages enable more dynamic and engaging event setups, offering exhibitors a robust platform to showcase their brands.

Meanwhile, Zoho Backstage 2.0 makes event registration easier and more efficient with its effortless ticketing widgets that allow attendees to secure their spots without ever leaving your website. This frictionless registration process boosts ticket sales and provides a convenient user experience, reducing barriers to entry for participants.

Additionally, Backstage’s new session registration feature offers the flexibility to create premium sessions that deliver in-depth content or target specific audiences. By bundling these exclusive sessions with VIP access, organizers can increase the value of premium ticket tiers and tailor the event experience to cater to specific interests. This not only enhances attendee satisfaction but also generates additional revenue through the provision of premium content.

Screenshot of Zoho Backstage 2.0

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Maximizing Event Networking

Zoho Backstage 2.0 revolutionizes networking at events with its AI-powered matchmaking, 1:1 chat and meeting capabilities, and engaging gamification features. The AI-powered matchmaking eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional networking by connecting attendees with the right people from the start. This targeted approach ensures that attendees can focus on meaningful conversations with potential business partners, clients, or collaborators, maximizing the value of each interaction. By fostering these relevant connections, the AI matchmaking feature helps attendees achieve their networking goals more effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, Zoho Backstage 2.0 facilitates 1:1 chats and meetings, providing a platform for deeper, more personal interactions. Attendees can schedule private meetings, allowing them to discuss important topics and build stronger relationships in a dedicated setting. This personal touch is crucial for collaboration and long-term relationship building. Additionally, the platform’s gamification features make networking fun and engaging. By earning points for completing challenges and climbing leaderboards, attendees are encouraged to interact more actively with the event content and with each other. This gamified approach not only keeps attendees engaged but also fosters a lively and interactive networking environment, ensuring that every participant stays active and connected throughout the event.

Additional Features

Here are a few more additional features of Zoho Backstage 2.0 that will make your event stand out above the rest:

  • Lead capture and badge scanning
  • Automated workflows
  • Event zones like VIP, backstage, and food areas
  • Attendee reports and performance insights
  • Apple Wallet integration

Transform Your Events with KDG and Zoho Backstage 2.0

With Zoho Backstage 2.0, your event management can reach new heights of efficiency, engagement, and personalization. By leveraging AI-powered matchmaking, 1:1 chat capabilities, and gamification features, you can create an event experience that fosters meaningful connections and keeps attendees actively involved. To take full advantage of these powerful tools and ensure your events are a resounding success, reach out to KDG’s Zoho Partner team. Our experts are ready to help you implement and optimize Zoho Backstage 2.0 for your unique needs. Contact us today to transform your event management process and deliver unforgettable experiences.

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