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The key to long-term success. The best customer experiences don’t just happen by chance. They require action. They require time, understanding, and the ability to follow through on what is promised.

Quality Experiences at Every Turn

Entire industries are consolidating around disruptive business models that are not only changing the business landscape but increasing the barrier to entry and competition. In virtually every circumstance, the disruption has not been a core service offering. Rather, the disruption has been a better experience to achieve very similar outcomes– and customers are quickly becoming accustomed to a much better experience. Modern disruptive businesses focus heavily on delivering high-quality customer experiences at every turn.

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Five Steps to a Flawless Customer Experience

KDG is focused on helping clients use technology to deliver a flawless customer experience. Your customers and clients are becoming accustomed to the technology-powered experiences that they are interacting with each and every day. Your organization must adapt in five key areas:

  1. Time – Developing tools and leveraging artificial intelligence allows us to reduce the inherent barriers of time. Using technology to leverage operational efficiency and reduce the time to achieve outcomes benefits employees, clients, and experiences.
  2. Understanding – A solid customer experience understands how your customer interacts with your organization and the specific context in which they want to interact. Do your customers want to be able to access you through live chat instead of a phone call? Do they want to be able to see transparent billing?
  3. Ownership of Emotions – Where are your clients’ emotions when you need to interact with them? Are they excited, angry, fearful, or concerned? Understanding the emotional triggers that bring someone to the point of interaction is key to unlocking a successful experience.
  4. The Unexpected – Pleasant surprises are a rarity these days, but they shouldn’t be with your organization. Using predictable points of interaction, you can plan for “random” surprises that keep customers engaged and positive.
  5. Follow-through – There is nothing more disenfranchising than an organization that says one thing and does another. Keeping your experiences focused and on-message is critical to your long-term success.

“KDG was integral in bringing my idea to life…they were with me every step of the way as a supportive partner.”

-Alisa Geller, Founder, Write for the Bar

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What We Offer

Experience-Needs Analysis

Sometimes the best way to understand the customer experience your organization offers is to simply observe the way your customers interact with your products or services. Are they doing what you expect them to do? What do you expect them to do?

Are you making the most of your customers’ time? Are you addressing the emotional triggers that influence their decisions? Are you following through on your promises, or falling into a pattern that’s putting engagement at risk? We’ll put together a detailed analysis with step-by-step guidance for an improved experience.

Technology Experience Development

The right technology can be a helpful agent in delivering the flawless experience your customers expect. Think of the technology you use to request on-demand services, to get real-time discounts, to enroll in customer loyalty programs, and to order food before you arrive at a restaurant.

Following your experience-needs analysis, we can help your organization act on its newfound data by developing technology that meets the needs of, understands the emotions of, and pleasantly surprises your customers.

Customer Feedback Operations & Management

What’s one way to measure your customer experience? Through a real-time feedback process that gives your customers a voice. Our customer experience experts specialize in developing transparent feedback tools that give your customers the opportunity to rate their experiences and voice their concerns.

Even with research and data, customer feedback remains the best gauge of how your business is performing. Take control of the conversation surrounding your business by responding to reviews, finding your most dedicated customers, and preventing minor concerns from becoming major issues.

Client Testimonials

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Cindy Erwin, Director of Annual Giving Programs, Fenwick HS

“Let them help guide your project because they know what they’re doing. They know how to create something that your community will benefit from.”

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Adam Schnell, CEO, Ballet Vero Beach

“We love working with KDG because of their ‘one size fits none’ attitude. Their commitment to giving each individual client exactly what they need is unmatched.”

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