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  • Accounting Guide
    An Introduction to Bookkeeping: 13 Steps to Close Out Your Month

    The monthly close protects the integrity and accuracy of your bookkeeping data, saving your accounting team from major headaches later on. However, too many businesses forgo closing out their month because they're worried about the time it takes to do so. Let this guide serve as your own personal checklist for everything you need to review your records, reconcile your data, and lock down your accounts.

  • Business Process Optimization Guide
    The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Optimization with Zoho

    When you own a business, you’re generating sales, communicating with clients, sending invoices, managing finances, measuring productivity, and more. If you’re sinking under the weight of these tasks and not dedicating enough time to the long-term goals that keep your business growing, it’s time to save time with Zoho.

  • Tech Management Guide
    The Short Guide to Mastering Technology Management

    Technology helps attract new customers, boost revenue, and improve operations. The businesses who fail to master technology management will face extinction sooner than later. We don’t want to see that happen to your business. That’s why we’ve created The Short Guide to Mastering Technology Management.

  • Custom Software Guide
    Quick, Efficient, and Cheap: The New Rules of Software Development

    New advancements in software development have made it possible to build software more quickly, more efficiently, and more cost effectively than ever before. Every single day, new software is built to keep up with changes in the business, education, and entertainment industries. Discover how the rules are changing.

  • Data Security Guide
    A Business Owner’s Guide to Data Security

    More businesses than ever are moving online and to the cloud. By the year 2020, it’s estimated that 80% of small businesses in the United States will migrate to cloud computing. With an ever-expanding library of our business’s most important data going digital, how can we ensure it’s not falling into the wrong hands?

  • Recovering from a Hack Guide
    Recovering from a Hack

    When you’ve been hacked, looking back at what could have been done will only take precious time away from the present and from what you can be doing at that very moment to reclaim your data and make sure a hacker can’t strike you a second time. This guide isn’t about looking back. It’s about looking forward.

  • Customer Experience Guide
    The Five Elements of a Flawless Customer Experience

    The best customer experiences don’t just happen by chance. They require a fundamental change to the way your business operates both internally and externally. How can your company be well-run and experience based? Through time, understanding, ownership of emotions, the unexpected, and follow-through.

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