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With nearly twenty years of experience, our development team knows bad code when they see it. By providing on-demand code reviews for projects built by your internal or external development team, we can fix performance issues and resolve security concerns before your application ever goes live.

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We’ll Give Your Codebase a Second Look & Build a Better Development Team

We understand the appeal of looking outside your organization (or even the country) for custom software development. No longer are Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancing sites the industry’s best-kept-secret. But a quality price doesn’t always mean a quality product.

We’ve seen first-hand the performance disasters, security failures, and devastating crashes caused by dysfunctional code and development teams that haven’t been properly vetted before going into production. This has resulted in millions of dollars and thousands of hours lost. External code validation not only helps your team to build better software, but also helps your team become stronger.

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“We’re here to keep you accountable…making sure the software works, it’s secure, it’s high-performing.”

-Kyle David, President & CEO

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What We Offer

Thorough Code Reviews

You’ll be guaranteed a set number of hours per month for on-demand code reviews from our award-winning development team. Whether your application is built in React, C#, .Net, Node, PHP, Laravel, or Vue, we have an expert knowledgeable in that language who can identify serious bugs, security, or poor performance practices. Investing a small amount of time into code reviews now will ensure your software is put into production more efficiently and new features are rolled out more regularly.

A Secure Codebase

Over 43% of data breaches are caused by security vulnerabilities in custom software applications. The average cost of such a breach? Over $3.86 million. Unfortunately, a majority of these breaches could have been prevented with a more secure codebase and a more careful review. Our team is trained to look out for the data dangers and bad practices that put your code and your company at risk.

Project Management

In addition to code reviews, we also offer project managers who’ll work with your outsourced development team to ensure that requirements, deadlines, and budget are being met. As your neutral middle party, we’ll make sure no feature, idea, or instruction gets lost in translation so you can spend more time making the decisions that matter.

The Process is Simple

In only three easy steps, you can have code reviewed so that you’ll be confident launching into production. In addition we’ll provide insights and tips from the industry’s top software developers.

Code Reviews & Pull Requests Pricing

If you opt for managed development on a monthly basis, you’ll pay a monthly fee that guarantees you time with our 100% US-based development team. They’ll be at the ready to offer you on-demand reviews, support, and guidance. Many of our clients opt for an additional project manager to help bridge the gap with your outsourced development team. They’ll work with your developers to ensure that features, budget, and timelines are being considered and that code changes we suggest are being implemented.

Client Testimonials

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Dwight P. Ryan, President & CEO, MedTech for Solutions

“The entire experience of working with KDG and the team was flawless in developing our new software platform.”

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Cassie Brown, Founder & CEO, Smart City Apartment Locating

“[The app] has created more time for us to focus on the future of the company.”

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Awards & Recognition

KDG’s custom software development team has been recognized as one of the best in the nation. Applauded by Clutch, the American Business Awards, and Forbes, KDG has changed the way businesses use technology and has helped organizations manage their growth, protect their data, and disrupt their markets for nearly two decades.

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