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Software should be more than a tool that gets the job done. If used correctly, software and data analytics are the keys that empower you to make good decisions for your business, your growth, and your future.

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Manage Your Data

As an organization evolves, it is common to see a hodgepodge of different data systems. Like rings in a tree trunk, these systems show how the organization has aged and developed. However, consistency is rarely in tow of this evolution.

Almost all organizations come face to face with the reality that data integration is not a product; it is a very challenging intellectual and organizational undertaking of which products introduce the least risk. KDG helps organizations do two things: make systems talk to one another and make reporting data accessible to the right users. Many organizations have attempted this, sometimes with different versions of success.

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Standardizing Success

When it comes to managing your data, integrating your software, and transforming your business intelligence, there are two omnipresent barriers to success:

  1. Institutional knowledge – As your organization grows, the reason for making decisions or using things the way they are being used is not part of a training program. Rather, it is a result of your organization’s culture of adapting to changes, workarounds, and finding paths of least resistance in order to get the job done. Recognizing this first barrier is where most organizations fail in successfully integrating software and data. At KDG, our goal is to spend the necessary time up front to understand how systems are being used, where deviations apply, and how things are standardized.
  2. Focusing on the wrong goal – The goal of a successful data integration is not to have applications integrated. It is to improve processes, reporting, administrative time, data accuracy, and decision support. By beginning with the end in mind, we do a significantly better job of cost engineering projects and developing a plan to achieve predictable success. We measure success with the same ruler we used to evaluate the project.

“The software definitely has improved our accuracy… It totally now eliminates any double payments or double billings, so at the end of the day it’s saving the company money.”

-Kristy Polluck, Director of Human Resources at the Arc

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What We Offer

Migration Services

Migrating from one application to another can be a nightmare, where the value lost in the transition can take years to recover. Or, it can be thought out, rehearsed, and transitioned in such a way that it improves employee productivity, morale, and capabilities. When moving from one software package to another, the process of deep understanding is where the value of the project is most strongly protected.

Data Warehousing

Getting data into one uniform format that is normalized and query-able for business intelligence can transform an organization from one that manages by intuition to one that is driven by data. KDG can provide migration, translation, and report generation for organizations at any maturity level and in any industry, ensuring you have the tools you need to make important data-driven decisions.

Dashboarding Development/Data Visualization

What good is data if it isn’t actionable? Contextual dashboard development, widgets, and other persuasive technology helps ensure that the entire enterprise is uniformly making data-driven decisions. By working to develop the proper visualizations for data, we can help bring about behavioral change in any type of organization.

Take Data-Driven Action

If your systems can’t talk to each other, you’ll never be able to collect the data you need to make decisions on the future of your business.

Data & Software Integrations Pricing

Data and software integrations can provide extraordinary value within an organization by reducing the opportunities for human error and increasing the speed and consistency of data across an organization. The gradient of complexity for these engagements is very wide. Below you will find a representative distribution of the cost of KDG data and software integration engagements by their project budget.

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Anders Back, Former President, CUPRAP

“[KDG was] creative, thoughtful, and patient with our needs as a specialized professional organization with a diverse multi-state membership.”

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Dwight P. Ryan, President & CEO, MedTech for Solutions

“The team [KDG] took a very complicated project that they knew nothing about, took full ownership of it, and developed a very user friendly system for our staff and clients to use.”

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