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What is Backend-as-a-Service?

Posted on September 19, 2022

By Jim Hutchings

May 25, 2024

In a world where technology is constantly changing and end-users rely on functional and flexible applications, the pressure is on software developers to build high-quality applications quickly and accurately. Launching an unmaintainable application fraught with bugs can devastate a user’s trust. This is why so many developers are turning to Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). Baas allows developers to focus on the front end of their applications and leverage backend services without having to maintain them.

There are two major BaaS platforms organizations are flocking to: Google Firebase and Zoho Catalyst. Preview each tool below, then download KDG’s exclusive whitepaper for an in-depth analysis.

What is Google Firebase?

Google Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service platform that provides a suite of functions to help develop, improve, and scale your mobile and web applications. With this cloud-based tool, users can monitor the performance of their apps, send notification emails, store user-generated content, process third-party payments, push cloud messaging, add pre-packaged functionality, and more.

With Firebase, app developers have been able to:

  • Create onboarding flows
  • Monitor the user journey across devices
  • Add chat capabilities to applications
  • Optimize behavior-driven advertising

Using the power of Google, developers can get their apps to market faster while solving some of the most common development issues without managing servers.

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What is Zoho Catalyst?

Zoho Catalyst is another option for companies looking into Backend-as-a-Service platforms. Catalyst provides serverless computing through various components to compute, orchestrate, and store applications. Developers can build responsive data processing pipelines, modular software components, and AI solutions powered by Zoho’s Zia.

With Zoho Catalyst, developers can develop applications that:

  • Generate weekly stat reports
  • Use object detection to smart tag photos
  • Migrate legacy data from one database to Zoho CRM

As a Zoho Premium Partner, we have a team who can help you develop a functioning and flexible application with Zoho Catalyst.

Download Our Whitepaper!

Want to learn more about Firebase, Catalyst, and BaaS tools? Download our newest whitepaper. You will find important information on the capabilities and costs of both platforms, including:

  • Which platform is most cost-effective for small businesses
  • Which platform simplifies complex workflows
  • Which platform better maintains flexibility and efficiency

Download our guide! Then, contact us to help innovate your idea.

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Jim has been a veteran in the software development and project management sphere before even joining KDG as our VP of Software Development. He has over a decade of experience in technology supporting the financial services industry, specifically investment banking and life insurance.

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