Area of Focus: Disaster Recovery

Recover from Hacks Big & Small

In the wake of a hack, KDG works with organizations to rebuild their technology, rebuild their security, and rebuild trust. We see them through the aftermath of major hacks and walk them through the question so many businesses ask: “What comes next?”

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Without a disaster recovery plan in place, your organization may never open following a cybersecurity incident. Our award-winning support team will work alongside your business to ensure that you have a plan in place for the moments before, during, and after a hack. Using state of the art technology to analyze your processes, comprehensive audits, and on-site interviews, we’ll keep your business, your customers, and your data safe and sound.

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“One of the things we look to do is neutralize and make it very difficult for people to make very human mistakes that lead to very costly problems down the line.”

-Kyle David, CEO

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What We Offer

System Security

Defense is offense with cybersecurity. KDG works to reduce the risk of security breaches, cyber attacks, and data theft by using the latest malware protection and the best cybersecurity practices. As a certified Webroot Partner, we offer the latest in security monitoring and support, including firewall protection, anti-phishing tools, and data-freezing technology.

Software Updates

It seems like your software has some sort of update every week. They’re easy to ignore. However, without software updates, your technology is prone to dangerous bugs, viruses, and malware attacks. We can help keep your commercial off-the-shelf or custom software up to date and running smoothly, protecting your technology from both poor performance and harmful damage.

VPN Installation

Today, your business isn’t confined to a single office or network. With important data flowing back and forth, this can create some security concerns. No matter how many offices you have spread across the area or how many employees you have on the go, KDG can deploy and administer cloud-based VPN (virtual private network) services, keeping your data safe.

Network Maintenance

Keeping your network up to date ensures optimum performance and optimum security. KDG will work to develop sustainable network topographies, implement solutions, and administer on-premises, cloud, or hybrid networks. Our team is made up of Google, Microsoft, and AWS experts, providing you with direct access to the tools you need.

HR Tech Support

Regular education is one of the most effective ways of preventing data dangers from entering your workplace. With this one-of-a-kind service, our security experts train your employees on email safety, password security, computer maintenance, and more. Employee errors are the leading cause of data breaches. With HR Tech Support from KDG, you can defy those odds.

Client Testimonials

casilio concrete logo

Maria Medei, President, Casilio Concrete

“We’re not a business that just works from 9:00am to 5:00pm. They were very accommodating to come in when we weren’t too busy in order to switch us over to the new system and then to be available to troubleshoot.”

Broughal & DeVito Logo

Jill Weiss, Office Manager, Broughal & DeVito

“Things seem to be running smoother since KDG took over and cleaned up all the little things that were happening to slow down our workflow. It is great to know that they are on top of our virus protection and updates.”

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Recover from a Hack & Re-Build Trust

Your business has been hacked. Now what? This exclusive guide isn’t about looking back. It’s about looking forward. Discover how your business can ask the right questions, find the right team, and take the right steps to bounce back from a breach.