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Struggling to Adopt AI in the Workplace? Ideas to Enhance Efficiency

Posted on February 28, 2023

By Jim Fosse

June 14, 2024

We’re barely two months into 2023, but AI has changed communication forever. One AI chatbot in particular has all eyes on it, from politicians and tech giants to Ivy League universities and even pop-culture staples. Known as ChatGPT, this tool has become one of the fastest-growing apps of all time.

If your business has resisted AI in the workplace, it is time to reconsider. If not, you may be left behind as more organizations unlock the business efficiencies this tool makes possible. While it may be fun to ask the AI chatbot to write a song or give its opinions on the “controversial” Elon Musk, there is so much more a business is now capable of more quickly and more accurately thanks to ChatGPT: social media posts, blogs, customer emails, process documentation, meeting minutes, research, data entry, customer support, and more. In the software development field, it can even create code, process natural language, train language models, and perform translation. Even the most technical departments can benefit from the efficiency this tool makes possible!

It’s time to stop resisting AI and instead embrace it to see how it can help you improve efficiency in ways you would have never suspected.

Chat GPT in Marketing

Perhaps most obviously, ChatGPT is revolutionizing marketing and content creation. Blogs or news stories that once took journalists the better part of a day now take only a few hours. The AI tool is alarmingly good at replicating desired tones and brand voices, and it will only improve.

The tool can also help create social media and paid ad content. Mint Mobile recently wrote a whole ad using ChatGPT. Meanwhile, Buzzfeed is using the platform to write its famous personality quizzes.

While the thought of a computer generating content in a fraction of the time it takes a human to do so may make marketers apprehensive, there is a silver lining: marketers can now reclaim time back in their day to focus less on mundane content creation and more on the to-dos that don’t get nearly enough time and attention. For example, spending more time optimizing content for SEO, researching and analyzing trends, investing time into lead nurturing instead of management, and focusing more on social media engagement and customer interactions instead of creation.

ChatGPT in Customer Service

Customer service is another area where ChatGPT enhances efficiency by turning manual and redundant tasks into automated processes. Businesses can use ChatGPT to generate customer support responses, allowing them to be there for their customers 24/7. The chatbot can answer standard requests, giving support agents more time to focus on showstoppers or collect support information before a ticket is submitted, eliminating the research and run-around many support agents have to go through.

The application is also rapidly improving its sentiment analysis capabilities. Organizations can run communications, reviews, or customer feedback through ChatGPT to get an idea of customer satisfaction ratings or use ChatGPT to monitor social media feedback. Businesses can then set up alerts that help them identify when a client is likely frustrated before negative feedback makes its way to Google Reviews.

But ChatGPT doesn’t only excel when it comes to negative feedback. It also analyzes positive feedback by helping businesses pinpoint happy customers who may be more likely to refer new business or make repeat purchases. In the retail industry, it can even help retailers recommend new products based on customer sentiments.

ChatGPT in Business Administration

How much time do you spend drafting documentation, sending customer communications, conducting research, or writing meeting minutes? In some cases, these mundane, yet core, job functions can take up to 16 to 20 hours per week!

For businesses creating technical or process documentation, ChatGPT provides a strong foundation. It can provide templates, summarize or re-write complex content, and even provide feedback on clarity.

Research is another strong suit for ChatGPT, especially if your organization is in the sciences or another scholarly field. ChatGPT can help summarize research articles, generate research questions for focus groups, and analyze data. If you submit a report on various findings, the app can help you provide insights and even predictive analysis.

No matter your industry, if you find yourself Googling hows, whats, or whys, ChatGPT can turn hours of browsing into quick summaries that help you find the answers you need in minutes.

Finally, ChatGPT and Microsoft recently announced a Teams integration that can provide recaps, recommend tasks, and assign action items to individuals.

With 16 to 20 hours back in your week, the opportunities for innovation, enhanced customer service, and improved billable performance are endless.

Adopting AI

Here at KDG, we have adopted ChatGPT to improve our processes, from meeting notes to employee time logs. We even used ChatGPT to generate ideas for this very blog post! As the app grows in terms of users and features, its capabilities and use cases will only become richer. We are currently looking for ways to incorporate the AI bot into our custom applications to help triage support tickets, analyze user sentiments and behavior, and craft automated and personalized communications.

If the possibilities of AI have you feeling overwhelmed, our business process consultants are here to help. We can work with you to identify areas of your business that can use a bit of an efficiency boost. The time has come to embrace…not exclude…this revolutionary new tool. Book an appointment today!

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