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Mobile App Development with React Native: What It Is and What It Makes Possible

Posted on June 17, 2020

By Kyle David

February 29, 2024

When it comes to mobile app development, there is no better framework than React Native. With a faster load time, smoother interface, and a plethora of new features it makes possible, React Native is changing the way mobile applications are developed. It has become the go-to framework for our development team and, if you’re looking for a custom mobile app for your business, you shouldn’t expect anything less.

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework on which mobile applications can be developed. However, instead of using an internet browser to run, React Native apps run directly on your mobile device and communicate with the operating system.

Cutting out the “middle man” means a faster run time for your application. It also means that your mobile app is not confined to the limitations of the browser. It can now adopt features your mobile phone makes possible, like GPS, Bluetooth, and more.

In addition, development time is enhanced considerably. The code is maintainable, accessible, and transferable to multiple operating systems. So when you develop with React Native, you not only have a quality custom app but a budget better fit for your needs.

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Making the Most of Mobile

What makes your mobile phone so popular? It’s the features it makes possible that no other piece of technology does. It’s having your contacts at your fingertips. It’s having location tracking to help find nearby businesses, restaurants, or even people. It’s having Bluetooth enabled to sync data and perform hands-free phone conversations.

When you develop with React Native, these features and more can be built into your app. The possibilities are endless and the user experience is enhanced.

  • Bluetooth: What can an app with Bluetooth do? Sync data, send pictures to other devices, allow for hands-free calling, transfer files, and print documents.
  • GPS Tracking: You can build a location-tracking app to get directions, calculate distance, or monitor loved ones or employees. Even contact tracing, a popular topic in the news due to COVID-19, can be built thanks to React Native.
  • Contacts: Retrieve, filter, and access contact information in your app. Think of third-party messaging apps that let you pull contact names, numbers, and emails automatically. You’ll be able to do this too.
  • Camera: Many mobile apps depend on access to your camera, like banking apps that manage checks, apps that require facial recognition, or social media apps. However, this feature also enables you to implement scan-to-shop for e-commerce or visual search.
  • Accelerometer: Want to make fresh content accessible by simply tilting or shaking a device? The “swipe” revolutionized the mobile experience. Now, it’s on to the next big thing.

Using the features above, what problems can a custom app solve for your business? What processes can it streamline? What user experiences can it make possible? React Native is changing the way mobile apps are conceptualized, built, and used.

Going Mobile with KDG

Are you considering mobile app development? Looking for a firm to send your mobile app RFP to? Have an idea for a mobile app for your e-commerce, real estate, or manufacturing business? Or is there simply a problem in your industry, a “job to be done,” that hasn’t been solved yet?

There are 3.5 billion people in the world using smartphones, and that number is only expected to increase. A mobile app does more than make your business look “cool.” It shows you’re keeping up-to-date with users, their expectations, and their needs. It also puts you in front of customers, clients, and future employees more so than any other piece of technology

When you partner with KDG, we’ll engage in a collaborative process that helps bring your mobile app to life. We’ll gather requirements, wireframe interfaces, test across multiple devices, and support and secure your application long after it launches. Smart City is one of many organizations we’ve worked with on this process.

If you would like to be the next organization that works with our mobile app and software development team, contact us today.

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Kyle David is the President and CEO of KDG. He has navigated the dynamic intersection of technology and business, advising both leaders and organizations, from Fortune 25 companies and professional sports leagues to innovative technology startups.

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